Clamber Club Sports - 2-6 Years

Clamber Club Sports features weekly fun filled and exciting exercise classes for playgroups and pre-schools. The programme can form part of a school’s integrated physical education offering, or run as an extra mural. The Jog the Frog exercise experience is taken to a more advanced level with children using unique imported equipment, specially designed to develop skills such as body awareness, motor planning, coordinating body sides, and eye-hand and eye-foot coordination. We promote concepts such as number, colour, size, and develop the child’s creative movement and imagination, whilst promoting body fitness and core muscle strength, along with sensory stimulation and basic gymnastic input. The Clamber Club music is featured throughout, and Jog introduces his two friends, Leaping Lila and Funky Monkey.

Jumpers - 2-3 Years

Jumpers love to roll, creep, crawl and jump. In these lessons we practice our locomotor skills, learn about our bodies and explore our senses. With balls and other equipment, we learn to throw, bounce and kick with great excitement, even if we’re not that accurate! We dance with delight to the Clamber Club songs and love to join in with Jog the Frog’s adventures!

Joggers - 3-4 Years

Joggers continue with locomotor skills, ball skills and general coordination. We strengthen our core muscles, learn about direction such as up, down, in, out and around. We get to understand how our bodies fit in and out of spaces, and practice our hopping, rhythmic skills and balance. Jog’s stories inspire the games we play and we love his naughty friends who are always getting up to mischief!

Runners - 5-6 Years

Runners are leaping, gliding, and galloping! We play challenging games that set the foundation for later specialised sporting activities, and we love forward rolls, dynamic balance games, and team games while a wide variety of equipment to keep us interested. With balls and other equipment we throw, catch, strike, field, kick, trap, dribble, and volley. We enjoy moving rhythmically and creatively to music, and are able to think out creative movement sequences, while moving efficiently through space. We also focus on developing our core muscles, overall muscles strength, speed, agility, and flexibility The more challenging the obstacle courses the more we love them!

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