This week when I asked my daughter what baking activity she would like to do, she decided that playdough had to be involved somewhere! We decided to make one of our absolute favourites – PLAYDOUGH VOLCANOS!
This is such a great activity for children to participate in. There are no rules as to what the perfect playdough colour should be, or how perfect the mould should be, and you can get as creative as you like. I love how inventive my daughter gets with playdough and with this particular activity, she got completely immersed. What fun!


What do you need?
For the playdough volcano you need:

4 Cups Flour

1 Cups Oil

Powdered food colouring – of course our volcano had to be pink!



Mix all the ingredients together. With cloud playdough, the more oil you add, the less crumbly it becomes.


final poruing




To assemble the volcano, you will need:

  • Tray
  • Small plastic cup
  • Bicarbonate of soda
  • Vinegar



Place the small plastic cup on the centre of the tray, and mould the playdough around it in the shape of a volcano. (We had to have a two tone volcano, so we had to make additional playdough.)




Playdough is amazing as the children squeeze and mould it into shape, it relaxes their little bodies, as well as strengthens their fingers and hands. The mixing of the playdough is a wonderful tactile experience for children, and they love getting messy and seeing the volcano erupt!


Pour a bit of water into the plastic cup, then add some vinegar.  Add at least a teaspoon of the bicarb….and wait for it to bubble!


bicard step



All our hard work has paid off! It’s bubbling!



My daughter had an absolute blast with this activity and continued to add vinegar and bicarb into the volcano until it completely melted away! Naturally the first thing that came to mind for us was to smash what was left of our pink volcano!



There are so many benefits to playing with playdough so I thought I would list a few for you:

  1. Fine Motor Skill Development:Great for strengthening the muscles of little fingers and hands. Squishing, squashing, rolling, and flattening play dough
  2. Calming and therapeutic:Simply sitting and squashing and rolling a piece of playdough in your hands is very calming and soothing
  3. Creativity and imagination:We love playdough in our home, and use it to mould fashion dresses for Barbie dolls, to make houses, roll worms and all sorts of creepy crawlies and of course, build volcanos. It really stimulates the imagination.
  4. Develops hand-eye co-ordination:By using a variety of materials and objects to add on top of or in the playdough, playdough games can enhance hand-eye co-ordination.


Contributed by Charmaine  Papazian of Clamber Club Babies Craighall Park
Cell: 073 165 4759