Puffy Paint Painting!

During the holidays my niece came to visit. I love seeing her and my daughter playing together in their own little world, my little creative brains! It always amazes me how much positive energy and enthusiasm our girls have when they get together. So I took this as my moment to be the coolest aunt ever and organise some puff paint painting! My daughter loves this activity and because my niece had never done it before we thought we would get creative and make a few masterpieces! Puff paint really does take painting to a whole new level!


This is what you need:


1 teaspoon self-raising flower

1 teaspoon table salt


Food colouring

Paint brushes

Muffin tin

And lastly, eager cousins to make the paint!


Puffy paint ingredients.



Mix all the ingredients together.


I like making the paint fairly thick, so add the colouring first, then add a little bit of water, mix it, and then add more water if required. We used a muffin tin to mix the colours in as they are the perfect size and you can make several different colours on one tray.



The left is too thick. The paint on the right is the right consistency.


We made all the primary colours, and the girls also enjoyed mixing the colours. This part is a perfect time for teaching younger children about their colours. With the girls I decided to test their colour knowledge and ask “which two colours make green?”, they both promptly responded “yellow and blue!” I thought I may have had  them with that question, but apparently not!




We then all felt the texture of the paint with our fingers and gave each colour a little extra stir. This is lovely tactile input.


Now it’s time to paint!




Encourage the kids to use different mediums, different size paint brushes and their fingers!

Paint the pictures quite thick, so go over the picture a few times


And now it’s time for the magic!




Put the picture into the microwave for about 20 seconds. The girls were amazed at how the paint puffed in the microwave! When it comes out, it is dry and the paint has risen! (Be sure to use the self-raising flour otherwise it won’t puff up)



The longest 20 seconds of my life!


After seeing what the girls were getting up to, my son decided to join in on the fun! The children had so much fun with this activity and to be honest I don’t think that we will ever be able to use normal paint again! We got to mix all the different colours and create some amazing pieces of artwork.


Picasso eat your heart out!



Our puffy paint artwork!


Contributed by Charmaine  Papazian of Clamber Club Babies Craighall Park
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