Build your baby’s brain

The world is an exciting place for babies. What happens in the first 12 months of life sets the foundation for everything that follows. That’s why we created the Clamber Club movement and stimulation classes for babies, 2 to 12 months. Early stimulation really does matter!

Why Clamber Club baby classes?

Gross motor activities

With our exciting class themes and wide variety of props and equipment, babies develop gross motor skills, strengthen their bodies, learn body awareness, eye hand coordination and balance.


Special bonding time

Together, babies and parents get to enjoy magical bonding time to grow and connect.


Sensory stimulation

Babies will love our sensory stimulation activities, with our wide range of tactile, visual and auditory toys, messy play sessions and movement to music.


Reach developmental milestones

Assist your baby to reach his or her full potential through our combination of fun filled weekly themes, age appropriate baby exercises and sensory stimulation.


Connecting and conversations

An additional bonus is that parents get to meet other like-minded parents, where sharing experiences, concerns, triumphs and disasters, or just having a good laugh together is part of the magic. At Clamber Club Babies, supportive networks and life-long friendships are formed.

Our classes run for an hour and fifteen
minutes and are split into two age groups

Ages 2 – 7 months

Tadpole Classes

Our Tadpole Classes for babies 2-7 months, focus on stimulation of the senses and strengthening core muscle groups to prepare babies for rolling, sitting and crawling. Little ones meet Jog the Frog for the first time and listen to their first Clamber Club songs.

Ages 8 – 12 months

Froglet Classes

During our Froglet Classes for babies 8-12 months, babies climb, clamber, roll and tumble while exploring through their senses, and have fun meeting their first friends. Basic concepts such as over, under, up and down are learnt through exciting movement activities while parents get to see the importance of balance, body awareness and perceptual skills.

What Our Clients Say

Michelle is absolutely amazing! My son just loves her classes. We feel truly blessed to know her and look forward to having her in all our future kids’ lives, too!


Ethan and I truly enjoyed Celeste’s classes, not only were they perfectly structured to allow for play and development time, but they were great bonding moments for us. Celeste is a great source of knowledge.

Bernice Dednam

Clamber Club is great for baby’s development and really helps with my dauhters socializing skills. Happy and look forward to Clamber Club every week! Keep up the great work Charmaine and team.

Vuyiswa Khoali

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