Clamber Club Babies - 2-12 Months

Bring your baby along to our classes and participate in baby exercises! Clamber Club Babies is an enchanting movement and stimulation programme for babies. Through a combination of energetic baby exercises, sensory stimulation, calming activities and infant massage, parents spend time bonding, stimulating and enjoying precious time with their babies.

Tadpoles - 2-7 Months

So much to learn, and so much touch, hear and see! From a young age, babies need to be stimulated, and the Tadpoles programme focuses on stimulation of the senses and strengthening core muscle groups to prepare babies for mobility. Little ones meet Jog the Frog for the first time, and listen to their first Clamber Club songs.

Ensure that your baby receives the appropriate stimulation during his first year of life, because this is the time when your baby’s brain is growing the fastest it ever will!

Froglets - 8-12 Months

Then it’s the big move! As baby’s muscles get stronger and they have more control over their bodies, they realize there’s a whole exciting world out there. The Froglets programme is so exciting for the babies! Fun themes, and many different props! The focus on gross motor equipment in the outside time let’s crawling babies climb, clamber, roll and tumble while exploring through their senses. Basic concepts such as over, under, up and down are learnt through exciting movement activities, while moms get to see the importance of balance, body awareness and other perceptual motor skills. Jog the Frog guides them into this fascinating world using specially designed Clamber Club equipment, just for babies. You will be amazed as you watch your baby’s Clamber Club journey over the first year of his life, and we are so privileged to share it with you.

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