Learning through movement

Clamber Club Sports for Schools helps budding sports stars ages 2-6 build confidence and foundational sporting skills. Through a professionally developed programme created by Sports Scientists and OT specialists, we provide kids with a solid foundation to develop their basic gross motor skills, sensory integration and regulation, life skills, rhythm and timing.

Move to learn

Skill development

Sports for schools helps children develop fundamental sporting skills. Body awareness, motor planning, eye-hand and eye-foot coordination, balance, co-ordination of body sides, and more, are the gross motor building blocks needed for later specialised sports.


Wide variety of equipment & activities

Our exciting range of unique equipment and activities keep little bodies interested and active. Who would say that practicing `catch and throw’ could be so much fun! Equipment variety ensures our classes are motivating and engaging.


Learning is kids play

Through our programme children learn perceptual motor skills while their senses are stimulated. Numbers, colours and sizes, creative movement, and imaginary play are all part of the fun. This in turn helps to promote the school readiness and early sports skills that are needed for academic success.


Building healthy bodies

From body fitness to core muscle strength, children learn basic gymnastic fundamentals including strength, speed, agility and flexibility.


Owner run and managed

Our coaches own their businesses and have a hands-on approach at every school. Dynamic coaches, small group sizes, and individual attention ensure that a quality programme is presented every single week.

We provide a host of activities for different
age groups in weekly 30-minute classes

Ages 2 – 3

Jumpers Classes

During our Jumpers Classes for kids 2-3 years children learn about their bodies and explore their senses. They exercise with balls, animal bean bags, stepping stones, hamster wheels and other exciting equipment where they get to throw, bounce, balance and kick like real champions.

Ages 3 – 4

Joggers Classes

Our Joggers Classes for kids 3-4 years help children to further develop their locomotor skills, ball skills and general coordination using paddles, bats and balls, elastics, scarves, rubber toys, balance beams, and challenging obstacle courses. In addition, children strengthen their core muscles and practice jumping, hopping, and rhythmic skills.

Ages 5 – 6

Runners Classes

Our Runners Classes for ages 5-6 years, will have kids gliding, leaping and galloping. Challenging games using our wide variety of equipment keeps them happy and engaged. They’ll climb, crawl, throw, catch, strike, kick, trap and dribble their way to developing core muscles, overall muscle strength, speed and agility.

What Our Clients Say

Thank you for bringing the joy of Clamber Club into my kids lives with your enthusiasm and energy.


Heronbridge Parent

Thank you for everything you do for Nehan. He’s come so much out of his shell because of you and he is so comfortable in his own skin because of the variety Clamber Club gives him.


Clamber Club has been an extra mural at The Little ABC’s Early Learning Centre for 5 years and is an integral part of our curriculum and have added so much value to our school.

Lindy Rock


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