Clamber Club Toddlers - 12-36 Months

Each Clamber Club lesson invites your children to learn through movement. Featuring beautiful original Clamber Club music and specially designed Clamber Club equipment, active learning is enhanced as our toddlers gain greater awareness of how their bodies move, improve their coordination, learn important perceptual motor skills, and enjoy learning about the world they live in, whilst having lots of fun with mom or dad. The first few years in a child’s life are extremely important as this the most sensitive period for optimal brain development. Stimulation time, sensory experiences and lots of active play help to build better brains!

Froggies - 12-22/24 Months

Froggies are up on their feet and eager to explore! They have a real sense of adventure and want to touch, see, hear, smell and taste everything. Their body coordination and balance improves through Jog the Frog’s exercises and activities, and they are introduced to simple concepts such as in and out, on and off and heavy and light. It’s fun to bang a drum in music and rhythm, and to bounce, wiggle, jiggle and jump!

Leap Frogs - 22/24-36 Months

Leap Frogs grow in confidence as their body awareness and coordination improves. They are introduced to more sophisticated concepts such as the way animals move, shapes and transport whilst stretching themselves even more physically. They learn to get along with their little friends at Clamber Club, and are very proud to show mom and dad just how much they have learnt and they tumble, roll, clamber and climb.

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