21 Activities to do at home during the Coronavirus lockdown

What do you do with busy kids during the South African Coronavirus lockdown? This is not something I ever would have thought would have happened, at least not in my lifetime. I thought I would compile a list of activity and arts and crafts blogs that you can do at home with your kids during […]

Bullying: children need to be taught to regulate and connect

The “Him, Bullied, NEVER” blog is a powerful article about a universal and highly emotional situation that every parent hopes they will not have to help their child cope with. Way to go to this courageous and compassionate mom for using her own family’s story to help others! Bullying is a relational issue with many aspects […]

Making Pumpkin Fritters!

Pumpkin fritters always feel like such an easy cheat to get the kids to eat veggies! They taste delicious, and they smell just like pancakes, so there is always a lot of excitement to make and eat them! The kids also love to sprinkle the cinnamon sugar on before eating them. Here is the recipe […]

30 years of magic! Where are they now?

It seems like just yesterday that these Clamber Clubbers were clambering and climbing with Jog the Frog and his friends. So where are they now? In celebrating our 30th birthday and 30 years of magic we spoke to our previous tiny tots who are not so tiny now, to see what they are doing since […]

Him, Bullied, NEVER

This past week social media has been rife with bullying videos & messages, which tugged at the nations hearts & got everyone talking. Yet my talk was a lot closer to home, actually it was in my home. My eldest son, who is 9, had said goodnight, I had tucked him into bed and I […]

How music positively effects brain development in children

New studies suggest that babies can remember music they’ve listened to in the womb for up to a year after being born. It is no secret that listening and experiencing music stimulates the young brain and assists with the growth of neural pathways and structures of the brain. Infants recognize melody of a song long […]

Are you communicating effectively?

You’re home from school and you ask you child how his day went. `Fine’ he says or `Fun’ or `It was ok’. Do you at times find yourself struggling to get any response or to engage in a way that is more meaningful with your child? Communication is such an important part of our lives, […]

Creating magic for 30 years

Over 30 years ago occupational therapist Liz Senior had a dream to create a sensory motor programme for children that promoted learning in a playful way. As an OT working with children with learning difficulties, Liz wanted to make a difference in the lives of children and their parents. She also wanted to empower women […]

Homemade bread with little people

The best homemade bread recipe, it’s so easy to make your kids can make it themselves. “Hmm! That’s yum!” That’s what Ben and Lene said when they took a bite of their homemade bread. And guess who baked this homemade bread? They did! Ben and Lene, are almost 4 years old. At home it’s all […]

Finding your way in the parenting jungle

They’re nothing like me! What do we do when all the apples fall very far from the tree? I experienced this crisis when my first daughter was born: my polar opposite. She is sweet, content and easy-going; I am often a hand grenade with the pin pulled out at least half-way. To raise her, I […]

Nursery Rhymes – are these antiques a thing of the past?

Surely, with how the world we live in is changing, and with all of our technological advances, something as old fashioned as nursery rhymes should be a thing of the past?  Toddlers now have access to televisions, Ipads, cell phones and YouTube, and some even know how to operate these on their own…..so should nursery […]

Milestones for Preschoolers 4-6 years

Developmental milestones are markers that professionals use as a tool to measure a child’s growth and development. We asked paediatric physiotherapist Lauren Mayer, why she thinks milestones are important: Knowing what a child should be able to do at a certain age validates and reassures parents that their child’s development is on track. It can […]

Messy play – Wibble wobble

We have some cool ideas to keep your little one’s fingers busy with wibbly wobbly jello this summer! Benefits of sensory play: Sensory play enhances learning through hands-on activities! Sensory play builds nerve connections in the brain pathways Sensory play supports language development and fine motor skills Sensory play is great for calming an anxious […]

Milestones for Toddlers 1-3 years

“Developmental milestones are a set of functional skills that most children are able to do at a certain age. They act as guidelines in a child’s development, and they give us an idea of what the average child is able to do at a particular age.  YES, they are important, but we need to remember […]

Milestones for 0-12 month olds

We have all heard about the importance of developmental milestones. What are they, and why is there often so much focus on them? “Milestones act as checkpoints and represent what an average child can do at around a certain age. Of course each child develops at his own pace, but guidelines help us to track […]

Night Terrors

Most parents will be woken at least once in their child’s life, to their little one screaming and crying from having a bad dream. Nightmares are especially prevalent in children who are between two and three years of age, as their imagination runs wild. Children want to be comforted during this time and even though […]

Simple activities to keep the kids busy this summer

Sometimes we try too hard to keep our kids busy, with arranged play dates, visits to the Zoo and the restaurant with the play area and jungle gym. However, sometimes all they need is quality time with us, their parents. A child that gets 20 minutes of undivided attention and eye contact (NO CELL PHONES!) […]

10 ways to BOND with your Baby!

We hear this term so often that is has the danger of becoming meaningless, when in fact it is a critical part of building a trusting and loving relationship between you and your baby. Bonding is the development of an emotional attachment and unconditional love between a parent and baby. It promotes a sense of […]

How to make an ecobrick

We are excellent recyclers in our house! We separate plastic bottles and cans, glass, paper and also have a compost heap! We have tried to teach our kids that everything can be used again! So when I found out about ecobricks, I was very excited that our plastic could be used for good! If you […]

Salt dough ornaments

I have always enjoyed making these with my kids, and now that my daughter is 7 and reading, I found it top be such a wonderful experience with her! Vivienne could read out and measure the ingredients! This is what you need: 1 cup salt 2 cups flour ¾ cup water Directions: Mix the salt […]

Delicious “one ingredient” Ice-cream for the win!

I’m a firm believer in keeping things simple.  In our crazy busy hectic lives, when simple little things that actually work, come a long, we have to grab them by the horns! Here is a LITTLE recipe, which is so simple, it is quite unbelievable!  My husband actually asked me a couple of times: “Are […]

Old school play for 21st century thinking

I have written about the importance of play in previous Baby and Child issues and will continue to do so as often as I can. This is because I am slightly obsessed with play: the importance thereof, the impact it has on our children in terms of development and skills and the opportunities it offers […]

Creative play: Tower building made simple!

During our creative play week at Clamber Club we incorporated a very cool idea which is easy enough for you to let your little ones experiment with at home. Not only does it encourage a child’s imagination to take shape, it also meets developmental needs and norms which toddlers are busy learning about from the […]

Simple homemade gummies

As a mom you always try and give your baby the healthies food options. However, sometimes the healthiest food isn’t always the tastiest. It’s not always easy to make something quick and nourishing that isn’t packed full of flavours they don’t enjoy, that’s why I love these two recipes, they’re so quick and tasty and […]

10 Fun bean bag activities

Bean Bags are a FUN and inexpensive prop that can be used for many different activities to develop gross motor skills, body awareness and sensory play. Sew about 10 bean bags together in different colours or textured fabric and make half of them different weights.  You can fill them with beans, rice, plastic pellets or […]

Food allergies in children

Allergies seem to be on the increase and often parents think their child is allergic to a particular food without a proper diagnosis. It is therefore imperative that a health care provider accurately diagnose a food allergy. What is an allergy? Allergies are abnormal immune system reactions to things that are typically harmless to most […]

Fussy Eater No More! 9 Tips to help encourage your baby to eat.

We are all concerned about our children’s eating habits at one point or another. So how do we make the transition from milk to enjoying various foods? The World Health Organization (WHO) encourages breastfeeding for the first six months of a baby’s life, after that an introduction of a variety of food is recommended at […]

Cork and cotton bud painting

This week we’ve been exploring with cotton bud painting and corks to create a colourful circus picture with dots in different ways. Cotton bud and cork painting is wonderful and a great way to help develop your child’s fine motor skills. The fine ‘pinch’ grip required to hold the bundle of ear buds in place […]

How to help your child decrease screen time

For a parent, nothing eliminates the burden of entertaining your child more than handing them your smartphone. The issues with this are all too familiar. Impaired vision and potential phone addiction come to mind, but excessive screen time can actually have much deeper, longer-lasting effects. A study by Lancet Child & Adolescent Health showed that […]

Baby and me home work out

After having a baby, you realize that there is not much time for yourself let alone time to get to the gym to try get and get your the pre-baby body back or to just get some good endorphins flowing. Since I recently had my first baby and prior to having him I loved working […]

How to improve your child’s core strength

“Core strength” has been a buzz word in the health industry the last few years, but its importance cannot be undermined especially in children. The core muscles consist of the abdominal, hip and back muscles who work together to stabilize and align the trunk and pelvis during static and dynamic movements. The core muscles also […]

The benefits of bananas for babies

The children’s song ‘Go Bananas! Eat Eat Bananas!’ carries some good advice for parents. Bananas are a fantastic fruit option for children six months and older as they are soft, easy to eat and they don’t have seeds that could pose a choking risk for young children. However, more than the delicious taste and smooth […]

Best made plans

After months of trying and waiting in aniticipation you find out you are pregnant. After the jubilations subside you get to enjoy the idea of creating this human being and all the joyous and tough times you may encounter along the way. The first trimester You have heard the horror stories from friends who couldn’t […]

How to tie your shoe laces

When I had my first child, I will admit I was an overachieving mom. I made sure my son did tummy time for at least an hour a day, he only got fresh homemade solids at 6 months and I even sent him to do Kumon Math’s from 2 years old. Well now I’m a […]

Decorate your own party cups!

About 18 months ago, I was planning my son’s insect-themed 2nd birthday party. I had the insect-themed cake, the insect-themed party favours, and enough plastic insects to decorate the amazon rain forest (would now be a good time to mention that I hate insects? Oh, the things we do for our kids!). The night before […]

Mini doughnuts

Have you ever done any baking with your toddler in the kitchen? Not too keen on the mess? Or having to clean it all up yourself and end up doing it all yourself? Baking with your little one can create such special memories and moments for you and your toddler. By getting your toddler involved […]

Tips on raising a bilingual child

Knowing how to speak more than one language is a wonderful gift – particularly when living in such a diverse country like South Africa! But how should you go about doing this? Well here are some tips on raising a bilingual child from Clamber Club Expert and Speech and Language Therapist, Savannah Senior: Start early. […]

Autism: What is it, what are the signs and who can help?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a group of conditions that affect a person’s social communication, sensory processing, thinking and emotional regulation. It is a lifelong condition that has a spectrum of difficulties. Savannah Senior, Clamber Club Expert and Speech-Language therapist, sheds some light on Autism, the signs and how you can help your little one. […]

Colourful Fun with Sensory Rice

We all love buying and receiving new toys for our babies. But have your ever noticed how the wrapping paper, box or plastic is usually far more entertaining than the contents themselves? I’m not saying toys aren’t great. They are! But it’s not always necessary to have a lot of expensive ones. You’ll be surprised […]

DIY Memory Jars

Why not create a MEMORY JAR in your home…… What on earth is a memory jar? Well in my home we made a DIY jar with lots of pretty colourful paper to capture special sayings/ words that each of my children say as they grow up. There are so many cute and magical moments that […]

Colours, Numbers and Shapes by Bright Baby

What a fantastic book for 2 year olds and upwards. This book is interactive with exciting secretive flaps which all children love and this interaction reinforces the learning and memory process. These flaps are great for working on your toddler’s fine motor skills. The colours are bright and fun and even if the children don’t […]

Homemade bread in a bag

Making bread in a bag is going to become your new favourite family activity! Little kids and big kids alike will love making their own loaf of bread. Summer is a great time to spend some time in the kitchen with your kdis. Hopefully your schedules are a little slower and you can take advantage […]

Basic skills at bath time

Fun with stickies. What would bath time be without PLAY PLAY PLAY. Clamber Club’s Motto is all about move learn grow. Play is the most important aspect in which our children learn through and fully understand how their bodies work – hence the motto we as Clamber Club Sports Franchisees live by. Bath time in our […]

Happy Puppy Book – by Stock and Rocket

Happy Puppy is a wonderful little toddler friendly board book that has hard durable pages making it easier for a toddler to turn by him or herself. It is beautifully illustrated by Angelika Scudamore with simple sentences on each page, making it a short and sweet read for a young toddler. This lovely little book […]

Chicken Lasagne

I have always been passionate about cooking. Growing up in a big family we always made lasagne because it can serve quite a large group of people and it is very filling. I started off with the plain beef then I found myself playing around with different ingredients and that is how I came about […]

20 Things to do before you’re 10!

Creating bucket lists should not be just for adults. Children love doing activities and working through lists so combined combine these and make a bucket list. This will give your child a sense of achievement and it will give them something to look forward to. Here are 20 things for your child to do before […]

Parenting through Chronic illness, you are not alone

People are always asking me how is Dylan since his transplant. I know I havnt posted for a long time and given an update. 28 September is Dylan’s 2 year liverversary. I have always been a very private person and generally don’t share what is going on as I have always found I get so […]

Planning a party – 6 Tips to keep costs down

Let’s face it moms! Planning your child’s party can be quite overwhelming. Deciding the date, where to have it, who to invite, what to do and the big question – “How much is it going to cost?” If you are stressing about the cost, there are plenty of ways to keep the costs down. Don’t […]

DIY heavy ball and a light balls

Playing with different weight and textured balls is a fun way to teach the mathematical concept of heavy and light and to stimulate the sense of touch. Why not make your own! What you will need:  2 Empty plastic bags Sand 10 Newspaper pages Old stockings Scissors Making the heavy ball Let the children fill […]

Obstacle course adventures

Obstacle courses are great fun for kids and can keep them occupied for hours,  especially if you make them part of the planning and preparations. They absolutely love being involved in this process. Obstacle courses encourage problem solving and lots of physical movement which is often lacking in todays sedentary lifestyle. This is a great confidence booster […]

The Four Agreements – A mother’s journey

Babies! Nobody can ever prepare you for how a new baby can rock the very foundation of your world!  It’s a veritable maze of sleeping, eating, pooping, EVERYBODY has an opinion on do this… do that…  you search the internet, read books, magazines and in desperate times resort to Facebook for answers.  Seldom the solutions […]

5 Fun holiday activities

After being through long holidays with bored children in the past, I decided to do some research on activities to do with them that stimulates the senses as well as keep them busy for more than 2 minutes at a time. Below find my 4 quick and easy ideas, and then making a train, which […]

Spray painting fun with food colouring

If you need a great activity to keep your children entertained, then this is the one! My children just loved spraying the food colouring and water mixture onto large pieces of paper (and all over the garden!) and watching it drip down the page into interesting patterns. What you will need: A big piece of […]

Tips for creating boundaries

Pushing boundaries is an important part of growing up. It leads to independence and enables your child to make good life choices. Having firm boundaries and rules creates a positive and secure environment for your child and reduces drawn out arguments. One of the main reasons for setting boundaries is to keep you child safe. […]

Lunch boxes from angels

When I was a child, my granny didn’t only give us lunch boxes that satisfied our hunger or tasted nice. Though they really did, those were secondary considerations. But the lunch boxes she gave us, were intended to build strong bodies and minds. She was giving us the best building materials to grow bodies and […]

DIY snow globe

During the school holidays we decided to do something festive in preparation for the festive season. I decided to do my own DIY snow globes and we had so much fun making them! They are really easy to make and did not cost a fortune! I am all about recycling where I can so you […]

Making memories with your children

You don’t need an extravagant vacation to make a lifetime of memories with your children. When my son was two years old we went on a family holiday to Portugal, he was very excited about going on a plane. He enjoyed the flight and thought this was all very exciting but the carrying of luggage […]

Surviving the newborn stage – 6 top tips

Becoming a parent fills you with so many emotions – joy, happiness, love, apprehension, fear…you name it. When you are in hospital though, you (and baby) are looked after 24/7 by the wonderful nursing staff. They help you feed your baby, swaddle your baby, bath your baby and even put your baby to sleep. Then […]

12345…maths for your toddler!

If you always thought that mathematics only revolved around numbers, think again! “There is a myriad of concepts that can help to prepare your child for school related mathematics,” says Liz Senior, Founder of Clamber Club and Occupational Therapist. “Pre-arithmetic readiness includes memory and sequencing abilities, the ability to understand shape, form and volume,” explains […]

A healthy, happy mum equals a healthy happy family. Healthy eating and exercise tips.

There’s no doubt that a healthy, happy mum equals a healthy happy family too! Wellness expert, Lisa Raleigh shares her simple strategies to boost your energy and feel your best as a busy mom. It may be last on your list of priorities, but the most important thing you can do for your family (and […]

Understanding your baby better through Sensory Intelligence®

How often have you heard parents say: “My kids differ like day and night.” A detailed elaboration usually follows on the afore-mentioned statement, highlighting not only differences in appearance, but also in personality, behaviour and reactions to the world. Why is it that children from the same biological mother and father can be so different […]

The power of playdough

Children are naturally curious and will therefore want to explore anything we put in front of them. A fantastic activity for little fingers is playdough, as it enhances many different areas of development. Imagine the satisfaction adults get from squishing and squashing on a stress ball. Well, the same goes for your little one when […]

Veggie Lasagne

Spending quality time with your children can be a challenge with the demands us parents face every day, so cooking with your children is a great way to spend some time with them away from school work. I recently made this easy and yummy veggie lasagne and thought I should share this with our blog […]

Learning about shapes – make a star picture

Children love being given creative license to change a plain piece of paper into one filled with colour! There are many ways to encourage and help your child to learn about shapes. Because shapes are all around us, it is easy to play ‘Find the Shape’ at home, in the car, in the store and […]

Baby exercises for happy healthy babies!

Movement and play experiences with your baby can provide the foundation for the development of motor, sensory, perceptual, intellectual, language and social skills. At birth, your baby moves spontaneously. He does not actively control his movements. As your baby develops, he will gain the ability to control his movements and to interact with you and […]

Helicopter Parenting

Parenting is a complex topic that can be discussed, disputed and hypothesized about, and still, there are yet to be any conclusive results on the exact scientific, or psychological understanding about the actual effects of different parenting styles. What we do know, is that hovering as a parenting technique can have unintended consequences. Surely if […]

Easy homemade watermelon ice-cream

Out of ideas for children summer snacks? Try this easy and delicious homemade watermelon ice-cream. It is perfect for those hot summer’s days and they are lots of fun for the children to make! Only requires 4 ingredients. Preparation Time – 15 minutes Freezing Time – 2 hours (till set) Ingredients: 2 cups cubed watermelon […]

Your first outing with your new born

You are a new mom, the euphoria of having your tiny bundle of joy safely nestled at home has been pure joy – baby sleeps, eats and cuddles in your arms (newborns sleep for the majority of the day and as all moms refer to this stage as the “honeymoon.”) You think to yourself, “I […]

Textured sock snakes

Do you have odd pairs of socks lying around in the house? I always have odd socks in the ironing basket. I often think that I should just throw them in the bin, but this week I saw a picture of a sock snake. Why not make a textured toy for your little one with […]

Sugar biscuits

We have a simple and delicious sugar biscuit recipe that we love in our house! It’s perfect for school holidays and the kids love to roll and cut their dough. The recipe halves very easily, so it is perfect for smaller batches. We have made this recipe many, many times at home, and each time […]

Potty training is hair raising

When it comes to that time in a toddler’s life that potty training is necessary, I don’t know who it stresses out more… parent or child? As it turns out, we are busy potty training our little son, Benn and boy have I learnt a couple of things over the past 3 or so months. […]

Treasure Hunt For Boys by Roger Priddy

Treasure Hunt for Boys is a hard cover board book with vibrant colours, fun themes on each page, and engaging pictures. Although the title says that its aimed at boys, any child who enjoys pirates, dinosaurs, magic and space aliens, to name a few of the themes, will love searching for the hidden objects on […]

Bubble wrap sensory play

I recently found a cool activity on Pinterest that involves bubble wrap. Don’t be fooled by how perfect everything looks on Pinterest – but this really was a great activity that my baby and I enjoyed. It’s a great way for your baby to experience the different textures of the bubble wrap, as well as […]

7 Learning opportunities using Otees

I love accidental learning, an activity that I didn’t go out of my way to plan, so its super easy, and  it turns out to be a bountiful learning experience for my little ones. Here are some fun activities we discovered whilst playing with a good old box of Otees: What you will need: A […]

Make your own activity board

Summer is over, and I’ll bet you are starting to think about more indoor ways to keep your energetic toddler active. How about an easy DIY project that your child will get a few years worth of use out of? My easy answer – make your own busy or activity board. One trip to your […]

No Bad Kids by Janet Lansbury

Janet Lansbury’s book entitled No Bad Kids – toddler discipline without shame, is a follow up to her book entitled, Elevating Child Care. This book focuses much more on the toddler years and provides parents with tips and advice on disciplining your child during the toddler years. This book, like Elevating Child Care, is based […]

What childhood memories are made of!

Our family was recently invited on a weekend adventure to Underberg. Our trip started with an unexpected and terrifying obstacle course. The road to Underberg from Durban is not for the faint hearted! The potholes seem to serve as the local cow and goat population watering holes, as they seem pretty determined to step out […]

Teaching shapes to kids

Learning a new skill can be very exciting if we make it fun and playful for our little adventurers. Children love to be actively involved in learning something new. So for now, put away the books and flashcards and get ready to have some fun! For every shape that I introduced to my children there […]

Movement – Make your own cardboard box car

Children are always on the go and are looking at ways to move. They watch their parents get in to a car every day and transport them from one place to another. In a car we have the opportunity to engage with our children with what they see in the outside world.  This facilitates children’s […]

OT is equal to overnight trekking

We are very fortunate to be involved in the running of a family run lodge in Lesotho.  We are able to spend school holidays there, where our children can be one with nature.  During the holidays, we had friends join us for an overnight pony trek.  The children rode on horses, whilst the adults hiked. […]

Healthy recipes that children can get involved in

Watching your children enjoy a nutritious meal that you’ve cooked from scratch at home is great. You know they’re eating something good for them, plus they’re learning about food. However, organising meals for children can be a very tricky element of parenting. To help avoid the stand-offs that can occur about anything from greens to […]

Secret veggie ideas for kids

Kiddies and veggies seem to go together as well as oil and water and there are days that he or she won’t eat them no matter how many aeroplanes dives you do or how many promises you make to give them their favourite treat or let them watch their favourite movie those veggies aren’t going […]

Elevating child care by Janet Lansbury

Janet Lansbury’s book entitled Elevating Child Care – A guide to respectful parenting, was insipid by the parenting philosophy of Magda Gerber. The book offers parents tips and advice based on a parenting philosophy known as RIE parenting (Resources for Infant Educarers). When parents look at the world from their babies’ perspective and they start […]

Why massage your baby?

Baby massage can be described as loving, nurturing touch – a warm and gentle interaction between parent and baby, and a way of expressing love. Massage is relaxing and enjoyable for both, it enhances baby’s emotional and physical development, and deepens loving communication. Baby massage is a dance between you and your baby. It’s not […]

5 Tips on choosing a venue

Celebrating birthdays in our house has always been preceded by much planning and careful deliberation. It’s the time where frantic baking takes place for school friends, colleagues and family members. You see birthdays are not a once off celebration, we make sure its repeated at least three times, the day of your birth, the party […]

Mothers Day fingerprint key chain

As a mother of 3 I really look forward to Mothers Day, to the little time off but the extra hugs from my little ones. The yummy big lunch we share as a family & a day that I kind off pat myself on the back as I see how my children are growing up. […]

From handbag to nappy bag

Gone are the days of sleeping in late, spontaneous date nights with your partner and a quick trip to the shops for some retail therapy. Don’t get me wrong, having a baby is the single best moment of my life, so instead of pining for all the things I can no longer do, I change […]

Venturing out with a new born

As a new mom of my 3 week old dear little boy, Braelan William, life has been turned upside down in the most wonderful way. A new mom can feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of caring for a new little bundle of joy. Often mommies will need to leave the house to go for weekly […]

Jog the Frog goes to uShaka Marine World

During the holidays we took our 2-year-old son to uShaka Marine world for the first time and it was well worth it! The day gave my son a chance to get out the house, have a good walk around while learning about all the fish in the ocean. The aquarium was great and full of […]

3 Fun and easy smoothie recipes

Are you out of ideas on what to give your kids for breakfast or snacks? Is it always a battle to get your kids to eat fruit? I have a solution for you! Our kids love smoothies with yogurt and fruit. Sometimes I even add some oats for extra fiber and to keep their tummies […]

Craft games to improve kids’ motor skills

Developing motor skills is a crucial part of a childhood. When you’re young, you don’t have the same control over your hands as you do now, which makes tasks such as holding a pencil for long periods of time pretty tough. To aid in your little one’s development, we recommend that you do fun crafts […]

7 Holiday messy play ideas

Holidays are the perfect time to break out the messy play ideas for the children! Sensory messy play, along with art and crafts messy play, is so engaging and fun! Let’s talk about sensory play, primarily the sense of touch through tactile sensory play. Our favourite sensory play ideas include water beads, rainbow spaghetti, fun […]

School lunches top tips on what to pack

When I first started to pack school lunches, I would have a mild panic attack about what to put in the lunchboxes! Then I still had to balance that with what the kids would actually eat, and what the school allows! Now, a few years into the lunch world, I have become quite good at […]

Choosing the right Breast pump for you

We have all done it, spent ages in front of the Breast pump isle at the baby shop. Not understanding what all the differences mean. This is not a small purchase but these days, it’s a very important one. With most of us going back to work after our 4 months of Maternity leave, we […]

Hide and Seek in the Jungle

Written by Sean Callery If ever I tell my almost 3 year old son to go and grab a book to read, he chooses Hide and seek in the Jungle. He loves this book. The things that are fantastic about the book are namely, the hard pages, the bold colours, beautiful illustrations and of course […]

Easter funtivities!

With Easter fast approaching, I’ve been scouring Pinterest for Easter-type activities to keep my three girls (aged 5, 3 and 1) busy and to get them in the mood for this important holiday in our Christian calendar.  It can be quite a challenge finding activities that are interesting and stimulating enough for my 5 year […]

Vegetable gardens: fun, messy and productive!!

Having 2 boys I learnt early on that getting dirty= FUN & HAPPINESS!! They loved jumping in muddy puddles and driving their trucks in the dirt and playing in the sand- the messier it was the better. So, when they decided that eating vegetables wasn’t their favourite meal anymore I thought maybe if they helped […]

Funky noodles

Do it yourself handy crafts, an easy way to entertain your little one’s at home. Sometimes we forget how easy it is to use everyday things we have in the house for crafts. Today we decided that painting pasta tubes, threading and making necklaces, was the perfect fun activity. What do you need? Apron or […]

The Five Love Languages of Children

By: Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell I have always heard of people speaking of their different love languages and found it quite interesting, until I started to do some research and then found there was this book about the Five Love Languages of Children… wow, this book has opened my eye to my own children […]

Playful ways to express emotions

“Emotions are important and can determine the kind of behaviour your child displays,” advises play therapist and Clamber Club Expert Anna Rodrigues. “A young child does not have the language to tell what he is feeling so his feelings come out in his behavior,” she adds. A child who feels angry for example could be […]

Farm time fun for toddlers and preschoolers

Little ones absolutely love spending time at the farm, learning about the animals and experiencing all that goes into the daily running of the farm.  It is a wonderful place to experience through all the senses!  Lots to look at, animal sounds to listen to, farmyard smells for the nose, interesting textures to touch, and […]

What I have learnt in the first year of my child’s life

Wow! What a whirlwind, I can’t say I was at all prepared for motherhood despite reading the books, googling all the questions, getting the advice from friends and even Pinteresting the Life Hacks that would make me into a super Mom. This is what I’ve learnt about being a mom: Don’t take yourself so seriously. […]

Toasted coconut and white chocolate vanilla cake

This year I wanted to make my mom feel extremely special on her birthday, so I decided to make one of her favourite cakes. This cake is amazingly moist and after one bite you can’t help but want more. Although it seems like there are a lot of steps it’s a fairly simple cake to […]

How to speak to your child so that they will listen to your needs

I think we can all agree that parenting was much easier before we had kids and it was much easier to have an opinion about parenting before we became parents. This is one of the most difficult jobs in the world and at the same time one of the most rewarding. We are responsible for […]

10 Body Awareness Games for your preschooler – That won’t cost you a cent!

If a child has a good image of his body (how it works, how it moves, how it feels), he will have a sound base on which to build perceptual skills that are needed for effective academic classroom activities. All basic learning skills begin with a healthy body awareness. So, here are some tips to […]

How do I enhance my baby’s development?

This is a question that I, along with many parents have asked. Babies need to be stimulated in a way that is fun and engaging, but not over stimulating. Clamber Club’s Stimulate your Baby DVD range is the answer! This handy, easy to use visual guide will help any mom (new or experienced) with ways […]

Baby’s first vaccinations

As a new mom, every day is a new challenge. Just as you think you have a system in place, a growth spurt or something else happens to change this. My baby is 6 weeks old and that means vaccination time. I mentally prepared myself for the morning and thought I was ready, but when […]

Teamwork in the Transkei – A wonderful seaside menu

My family joined friends for a holiday at the Wildcoast in early December.  The wonderful thing about going on holiday with others is that you have the opportunity to learn new ways of doing things, and especially the fact that you’re all cooking together, you can learn new little tricks and spice up your own menu – when everybody […]

Texture hoop for tummy time

There are two words that a new mom is introduced to, two little words that form the base for your baby’s strength and milestones to be reached, such as head control and crawling. These words are…tummy time. I used to be a perfectionist, following a sequence of a day to day structure of A-Z, since […]

Playing… Is talking my child’s language

There was once a time, when we were young, that our imagination knew no end. We could conjure up princesses and dragons in an instant, or have tea with a mermaid in the jungle. Our world revolved around play. It was what we did and who we were. But slowly, as we grew and the […]

5 Top tips for a newborn photo shoot

Choose a photographer you are comfortable with This may seem straightforward, but the thought of having someone in your home taking pictures of your newborn is stressful. Remember, you have only been home for two weeks, you are tired, you might not have been able to shower (due to baby crying or fussing all night) […]

How to prepare your toddler/child for Preschool

How can we as parents make our child’s big transition to preschool easier? As parents, you are probably rather anxious with lots of conflicting emotions about your child starting preschool. You cannot believe that it’s time for your little one to venture out into the big wide world, without you. How will they handle being […]

6 Fun tin games for the holidays

This week I decided to play a few tin games with my children. I often use tin games in both my Clamber Club Sports classes and at our Parties and these are always such a hit. Tins are items we always have in our house and can be used in many different ways.   Before […]

Louis the Lion and Early Learning – Colours Sticker Book

Louis the Lion Louis the Lion is a little toddler friendly book that has hard pages. My 2,5-year-old son (Benn) absolutely enjoyed reading this book. A lovely aspect to it is the fact that my 6-year-old daughter (Bailey) could read it to him. With simple sentences on each page, they could have a bonding session […]

4 Homemade tactile toys for baby

What is the tactile sense? The tactile sense is also known as the sense of touch. Your skin is your biggest organ which receives constant info that goes to the brain. Sometimes your brain cannot take all the stimulation which then is called tactile defensiveness.   Babies start learning about the world around them through […]


Teaching my two and a half year old how to build a puzzle After mastering the initial chunky knob, pin and one piece puzzles, I’ve started teaching my toddler how to build a real puzzle. We have had such fun experimenting, even though we only manage for 5 minutes at a time before she gets […]

First holiday with baby – top tips

The thought of planning a holiday with your baby is just as nerve-wracking as packing for one, especially if it is the first time. The key is just to relax and enjoy the time away with your family. Location This might sound like an obvious choice, but the location of your holiday needs to create […]

10 Tips for dealing with fussy eating

According to a U.S study published in the journal Appetite in 2016, children enter their fussiest phase of eating from the age of two, with their pickiness declining by the age of six. Although there has been speculation that fussy eating may be a genetic predisposition, what is more widely accepted is that fussy eating […]

Beach Hacks: Internet vs. real life

In this techno-savvy world where anything we want to know is at the click of a button, we often head to the Internet and just google what we need. As new moms, the web is a great resource for info, advise, and for how to make our lives a little bit easier. So when we […]

Jog goes to Namibia!

Our family and I recently took our 2 and 4 year old little girls on holiday to Namibia for a week. My 2 year old was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder at 9 months with her auditory and tactile senses affected most. She also tends to get over stimulated very quickly, so careful consideration had […]

Pictionary with Marie Biscuits

I have always loved simple things in life, and when something simple ends up having a lot of depth to it – well that is even better!!!! Here is a simple way to do some baking with your children – it is so simple, yet as I discovered it turned out to be a great […]

Having Fun and Learning through Senses!

Children experience and learn about the world around them through their senses. These senses include touch, smell, taste, sound and sight. Multi-sensory learning is important and can give our children an academic advantage when they get to school going age. I have always believed that if something is FUN, you remember it better! Just think […]

Tyrannosaurus Drip and Dinosaur A-Z-smart Kids

Tyrannosaurus Drip – Julia Donaldson & David Roberts A sweet and funny twist on the ugly duckling story of a duckbill dinosaur egg that lands himself in a Tyrannosaurus nest. This poor duckbill gets named Tyrannosaurus Drip. Not being able to follow the lifestyle and cheers of his big, grisly, mean and grim family, he feels […]

5 Tips for doing activities with your baby

You are a new parent – everything is new! Your cute and cuddly newborn suddenly wakes up one day and wants to play, this is the part you didn’t expect as you look at your baby and think “how do I entertain you?” Keep it simple Go for a walk, go for a drive – as […]

Why are Gross motor activates important for babies and children?

A baby moves from the minute he is born, this movement teaches him about his environment. “Babies get a lot of sensory input and feedback from movement, which helps shape how they learn and interact with others, and the world around them,” says Nicole Hilburn, Peadiatric Physiotherapist and Clamber Club Expert. “From early on, movement […]

Fantasy Play: Worthless or Wonderful?

Brooms turn into horses and playrooms into secret caves.  One of the key reasons why children should play is to develop their imagination and cognitive strength. Imaginary play or Fantasy play should, therefore, be encouraged by parents, right? Of course. Without a shadow of a doubt, parents should understand the importance of fantasy play and […]

Play Learn Grow by Dr Melodie de Jager

PLAY LEARN GROW is a practical guide that will help to ensure that your baby’s early years do not just slip away – and with them the amazing opportunity to shape a little body, emotions and thought patterns. The book is packed with stimulating ideas that will develop your baby or toddler’s brain optimally, in […]

Second time around!

I am a mom to a busy little two and a half year boy. Needless to say, he is a boundless ball of energy, with a cheeky little smile and an obsession for cars and airplanes. When my son was about 6 months old, I felt like I had reached that magical place of “having […]

Why is my child not walking?

Many parents spend the first year of their child’s life focusing on motor milestones and are hugely relieved when their baby starts to sit, crawl and walk. The variety of baby and toddler classes and other activities on offer lead to a lot of opportunities for comparison of their child in relation to others. This […]

How to make water colour paint

We absolutely love painting in our home! We paint just about every day. Water paints are great especially with smaller children, they are relatively easy to clean up and there is far less mess than acrylic paints. As my daughter Vivienne has gotten older, she is learning to blend colours, and experiment with them in […]

Jack and the Beanstalk

Trying to sit down and read a book with a busy toddler can always be a challenge especially when your toddler uses books as speed bumps for his toys cars.   So when I decided to sit down and read the Jack and the Beanstalk pop-up book I was pleasantly surprised. Jake my 21 month old […]

DIY road trip toy for a one year old

I love road trips. I love long road trips that take you on holiday to a place far away from reality – the road trip is the opening chapter to your time away, and the beginning of a (usually) much-needed break. But now that we have a little person, road trips are different. Instead of […]

11 Eye-foot coordination activities

Some of us have big ones, some of us have small ones, some are wide and some are narrow, our feet! They enable us to move and enjoy the freedom of movement. There are so many fun ways to encourage eye foot coordination with your children and teach them how to use their feet, whether […]

From signs to speech!

The benefits or teaching your child to use signs. Extensive research has found that teaching your child to use signs can improve cognitive and emotional development. By using signs your child is able to communicate his wants and needs before his words have fully formed. But what are the benefits of using signs and where […]

Finger painting for the different ages

One thing is for sure, that when I mention a creative activity to my children, they both get super excited. However, with their different ages, I sometimes find it difficult to come up with an activity that is suitable for both. Bailey is 6 years old and Benn will soon be 2 years old. I […]

4 Activities to improve Eye Hand Coordination

Occupational therapist Kelly Westerman gives us an overview of eye hand coordination and the activities that you can do at home with your child to improve these skills.   What is hand eye coordination and how can you improve your child’s coordination?  Eye hand coordination is the ability to track the movements of the hands […]

Quick and easy chocolate fridge brownies!

While the kids were on holiday this term I had to think of activities that we could do at home that would keep my boys happy. These brownies are one of my boys all time favourite treats and they LOVE to make them with me. Baking is a wonderful way to spend quality time with […]

From the mom with allergic children…

We’ve seen them at parties: The stealthy mom that raids the party pack to replace sugary treats with homemade date balls; the mom that watches her child like a hawk at the party table – ready to retrieve any unacceptable treats from their child’s hands (or mouths); the mom dragging along a back pack filled […]

Make and do Science and Perfect Pets

Make and do Science When reading through the book Make and do Science, the one thing that stands out to myself, as well as my 6-year-old daughter, is the fact that it is very eye catching. The bright colours and big pictures make the experiments very attractive and really easy to do.   I love […]

The big bedtime debate. Are you in or are you out?

With the winter cold all around us, it really can be a schlep to get out from under your warm and cozy covers – especially when the sun isn’t even up. It’s much easier to hit the snooze button and role over to resume spooning your partner. One of the things that can make getting […]

Party planning, release your inner child!

You child’s birthday party, be it their 1st or 21st, will be one of a parents most memorable moments. How you remember it is important. The memories of the joyful celebration and fun or the panic of organising the details. Navigating all the social issues and demands around party planning can be daunting. What is […]

Flipping Good Fun

Eeek, we woke up to a VERY COLD and WET morning in Durban… So the usual Family Sunday Beach activity was out! It was time to break out our Durban winter shoes and onsies! The 11 and 8 year old residents of the home declared they would like Pancakes for breakfast. And so started our […]

Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers. Need ideas?

Need some inspiration for fine motor activities for your toddler? I decided to chat to one of the Clamber Club franchisees, Kelly Westerman. Kelly is immensely success and is not only a business women and Clamber Club Expert, but is also an Occupational Therapist, so I knew she would be able to give me some […]

The ABCs of reading to your child

The connection between childhood reading and school readiness revealed.   Reading to your child early on and often is not just an important bonding exercise – it lays the foundation for a lifelong love of learning. Here’s how you can stimulate your child’s story of success.   “Children need to develop a set of skills […]

Having fun while washing the dogs

One thing is for sure that when my husband mentions he needs to wash the dogs, both my children jump for joy and get into helper mode.   First things first, they get on their swimming costumes, hats and sun block as they know just how wet they are going to get. The second thing […]

Balloon Painting

I am not sure that there are many children out there who don’t like getting their hands covered in paint! My class absolutely love it and messy play is always such a hit!   After thinking about the activities for the week ahead and knowing that our theme for this week is the circus, I […]

What’s wrong with W-sitting?

“W” sitting. Have you heard of it? A friend of mine has a child who “W’” sits and was concerned about it. We decided to chat to Nicole Hilburn, Paediatric Physiotherapist and Clamber Club Expert. Here is what she had to say:   To adults, ‘W-sitting’ may look like a complicated yoga pose, but for young […]

Solids: the good, the bad, and the gravy

The road to feeding your baby solids is a life-changing one – it can be nerve-wracking, delightful, messy, very messy, and rewarding. It’s a necessary milestone for your baby to reach and one that sets the stage for future tastes and dining enjoyment.   At around 6 months, your baby will no longer be getting […]

The Remarkable Benefits of Breastfeeding

One of the most important decisions parents need to make before their baby is born is whether or not to breastfeed baby. But why? What happens if you can’t breastfeed? What problems can you encounter when you are breastfeeding? How can you solve these? Savannah Senior, Clamber Club Expert and Speech-Language therapist, sheds some light […]

Messy Play. Quick and Easy.

Come on moms, break out and allow your little ones to experience some real messy play. I decided to colour some of my food items red to play on the Valentines theme. Messy play is so important for our little one’s tactile senses and it’s imperative we expose them as early as possible to dry […]

Glitter Covered Scissor Holder

We all have that one item in our homes that we have copious amounts of however, when we need them we can never seem to find them! In our house its craft scissors!   My daughter, Vivienne now 5 years old, and I decided to make a scissor holder from an empty box and toilet […]

Walking with your baby

While on holiday recently, I wracked my brain for different activities to do with my baby. There were the obvious options of active play activities, and I was in need of something different. Then a friend of mine invited us on a walking tour of the Maboneng district in Johannesburg. It started at 12:00 and [...]

Busy Farm By Rebecca Finn

Busy Farm is the new release from Campbell Books. It’s an 10 page board book which forms part of the Busy Book series with various themes. The one my son and I decided we would try is Busy Farm, published by Pan Macmillan.   This beautiful board book could not have come at a better […]

Sweet Potato and Spinach Quiche

Being a working mom always leaves me feeling like the time that I do get to spend with my children needs to be quality time, and that quality time means engaging them in a special craft or baking activity or game that I have planned. I am not sure how I came to this conclusion […]

Snack time – Each to their own!

I know that snacks for children is always such a sensitive issue. We all want to ensure that our children are happy and healthy and some parents don’t let their little ones have sweets, biscuits, juice etc, however some do and that is ok. When it comes to parents and toddlers getting together and it’s […]

Jamie Oliver – Everyday Super Food

Jamie Oliver has long been a household name for me, introduced by my mum and sister. Having a Portuguese and English heritage made every night a culinary adventure in my family and when it was time for me eventually to leave the nest, Jamie Olivier was my saving grace.  Jamie Oliver is my go to […]

When is the right time to send your child to school?

When is the right time to send my child to school? Every mom I know asks themselves this question as there is no specific age, each child is different. When looking back at being a first time mom to my now 5-year-old, I had more than a few sleepless nights weighing up the pros and […]

Coloured Water Tic-Tac-Toe

Being a teacher and a mom I am always looking for fun, educational games to play with my class and my children. Today I decided that for our lots to learn activity, we were going to play tic tact toe with coloured water. This activity uses a few simple materials which I have to say […]

Puffy Paint Painting!

During the holidays my niece came to visit. I love seeing her and my daughter playing together in their own little world, my little creative brains! It always amazes me how much positive energy and enthusiasm our girls have when they get together. So I took this as my moment to be the coolest aunt […]

Strong core muscles create confident kids!

When I hear the words “strengthening core muscles for children” my initial thought is “what! really?” To me this concept seemed a little nuts! Surely kids are naturally developing these muscles as they play? I had to think about this long and hard and then came to the realization, after talking to Paediatric Physiotherapist Nicole […]

Bum’s the word

  A couple of years ago when an expectant-dad friend of mine told me that he and his wife were going to be using reusable nappies for their baby, I thought that they were mad! I asked myself why anyone would even bother going this route when the very convenient option of disposable nappies was […]

Baker dad’s amazing Sunday pancakes

In many households, it is the Mommy that does the baking however in our home it is Daddy! Daddy makes the best birthday cakes, crumpets and he makes the BEST Sunday morning pancakes in the world! I think it comes down to the fact that I am absolutely pedantic with regards to ingredients, measurements and […]

From milk to mash – Introducing baby to solids

Starting your baby on solids should be a time of great excitement and joy, not to mention comic photo moments! Unfortunately, for many parents like myself, it ends up being a time of confusion, anxiety and frustration thanks to a search engine filled with contradictory information and a barrage of advice from every corner. When […]

Erupting Playdough Volcanos!

  This week when I asked my daughter what baking activity she would like to do, she decided that playdough had to be involved somewhere! We decided to make one of our absolute favourites – PLAYDOUGH VOLCANOS! This is such a great activity for children to participate in. There are no rules as to what […]

7 Active Play Activities for the Holidays

  Childhood is a time where children develop bones, muscles, nerves, and physical skills, resulting in coordination and endurance. When most adults think of being physically active, they imagine lifting weights in a gym. For children, being physically active consists of active playing. Through play, children build a foundation for learning as they interact with […]

#3 Questions to Ask Your Child Every Night

I often wonder how to foster open communication with my little girl as she gets older. Of course now she is too little and hardly talks, but when she starts going to playschool and then onto primary school and so on, I know I am going to want her to tell me things out of […]

Review: Melissa and Doug Latches Board

3+ years This colourful fun latches board is a great toy. Although it states it is for any child three years and up, my toddler of 15 months absolutely loves it. Undoing a lock or latch and swinging open the numbered door is rewarded when a colourful picture beneath the door is revealed. This wooden play […]

Make your own Baby Shakers

As a parent you always want to make sure that your child gets the best start in life. Children learn best through play and when they are enjoying themselves and it is no different for babies. Play is such an important part of your little one’s development, it helps develop their emotional, intellectual, social and […]

Tot technology

The truth about too much screen time for your child Why setting technology boundaries is essential for your child’s brain development   Technology has transformed the way we live, work, shop and travel. But it has also changed the way our children play…and that’s not necessarily a good thing! Unless parents keep screen time in […]

From Gibberish to the Gift of the Gab

How to help your child through the important developmental milestones of language and communication Communication is an important developmental milestone, but it can also be one of the most bewildering. Many parents find themselves wondering, “Shouldn’t my child be talking by now?” or “How much should my child be talking at this age?” Even though […]

A Morning of Making Memories

When you have a baby, you’re constantly trying to find ways of capturing time and making memories. They grow so quickly that you want to bottle their milestones and growth, and keep them on a shelf, forever to look at and fondly remember. So with my husband about to celebrate his first Father’s Day, I […]

The True Meaning of Support

It’s 3a.m. You’ve been up for 2 hours with your fussing, colicky baby and you’ve done absolutely everything to keep her calm. It’s hard for you both because she can’t articulate her pain, and you can’t take it away. Your partner managed to escape and pass out because you were the one holding your little […]

Mama knows best!!

Words of Wisdom for moms from moms!   I walked into my parent’s house recently and what I saw stopped me in my tracks…   There was my mother, lying on the couch, reading a book at 16h30 on a Saturday afternoon. I couldn’t help but stand and watch her. She looked so happy, normal […]

Roll on Baby

Rolling. A major milestone for any baby to conquer and one that heralds baby mobility. Between 3 and 4 months your baby starts showing signs of wanting to roll and usually by 6 months he will be rolling. Whether it’s from tummy to back, or vice versa – or both – this is a biggy […]

Saved by Cake and some Dr. Seuss

Saved by Cake by Marian Keyes I love to read. Thrillers, suspense, murder mysteries, chick lit, sci fi. I enjoy it all. However as a busy mom trying to juggle work, lift schemes, extra murals and still cook a meal every night, by the time the dishes are washed and it’s time to turn the […]

Active Play with Tents and Teepees

The one thing that really stands out in my memories as a little girl, is that of making a fort with my sisters. Our fort was made from the chairs in the lounge, three or four blankets and all our pillows… it was absolutely magical. We would play for hours on end, each game being […]

Pipe Cleaner Flowers

I can’t believe it is May already and although it signals the beginning of the cold months, it also means that it is mother’s day. Contrary to what all the shops believe, the only thing that I am interested in on mother’s day is lots of extra hugs from my little ones and something hand […]

Water Gun Painting

One of the wonderful things about being a child is that life is full of simple pleasures and painting, is one of them. Right from creating their masterpiece to being able to show it off once it’s done. Often, when I ask my boys what they want to do their answer is inevitably painting. So I decided […]

Reading to your Baby

One of my fondest memories as a child is of me sitting at bedtime with my Mom or Dad, and having them read me a bedtime story. I was thoroughly entertained as the stories came alive on my little bed – especially when my Dad read as he made sure that every character had a […]

Yoghurt Ice-Lolly Surprises

My children have many favourite things, but two of their absolute bests would have to be yoghurt and ice-lollies, so we decided to combine the two and make our own frozen yoghurt ice-lollies. We were missing a few of the key ingredients, so before we left for the shops, we made a quick shopping list, […]

Colic 101

Colic: the five letter word that is enough to bring any parent to tears (or exhausted sobbing in the corner of a room). It is amazing, when we are pregnant we don’t (usually) care what the sex is, as long as the baby is healthy. Once our due date has arrived, we cross fingers for […]

35 Activities to do With Your Baby….

I sometimes cannot help chuckling to myself… I’m always convinced that after 9 weeks of term, the moms would be happy for the holiday break that is fast approaching. But more times than not, there is this look of panic which comes across the moms faces and I’m often asked “But what am I going […]

Easter Baking: Easter Egg Rice Krispie “nests”

Easter is not only a special religious holiday in our home, but it also means holiday time to spend some quality time with the family. I have fond memories of all the egg treats over Easter from when I was growing up and it’s heartwarming to see the same delight that my children have when they […]

Climb to the top with Clamber Club

Making the decision to start your own business and become financially independent is never an easy task, which is why Clamber Club’s training and proven franchise package is there to help every step of the way. With over 25 years of experience, Clamber Club has created a successful and profitable business model, which provides franchisees […]

Baby, it’s back to reality

These days, going back to work and leaving your baby at daycare is a reality for most moms. Even though work may seem like a distant memory, there comes a time when you will need to prepare for a change in routine and the emotional roller-coaster of leaving your little one in the care of […]

Having a ball!

A ball is one of the best and most indispensable of toys! Ball games can develop many different skills, and are a never ending source of fun for almost any baby, toddler or pre- schooler. Liz Senior of the Clamber Club gives you some ideas… Where to start Some balls work better than others for […]


By Liz Senior of Clamber Club What is balance? Balance is the ability to maintain your equilibrium in relation to the force of gravity. This could be when you are in a static position, or when you are moving. We need balance for everything we do, and tend to take it for granted! Balance is […]

Clamber Club Parties

Let’s face it, planning a children’s party is a LOT of work and takes a LOT of time. Between raising children and work and running a house most of us don’t have the time. That is when using Clamber Club Parties is ideal! And you know what, even if you do have the time, it […]

Birthday Party Food

I don’t think that anyone will disagree with me when I say that there are few things worse than a hungry child, except perhaps a room full of them! What food to serve at a birthday party was something that always used to cause me endless amounts of stress, until I realised that although important, […]

The Birthday Cake (eek)

The birthday cake is often the most stressful part of your child’s birthday party. Whether you decide to make it, buy it or have it specially ordered, there seems to be this unspoken pressure to have the most amazing cake anyone has ever seen. Surely this should be reserved for wedding cakes alone? I remember […]

Birthday Party Baking

With all the planning and chaos involved in putting together a party for your child, it can be easy to forget to involve your little one in the process. One of the easiest ways to get them involved is for them to help prepare some of the party food. Food preparation is wonderful for children […]

Birthday Party Games

The party day is finally here, the food is out and the guests have arrived. Now what? While I agree that throwing a bunch of children together and feeding them sugar is enough entertainment in itself, I do think that having some structured play in between can be fun at the party too. Structured play […]

Planning the perfect birthday party

In the almost 5 years since I have become a mom I have come to learn that birthday parties are a pretty big deal to little people. In fact, when my daughter turned four she believed that she was four two weeks before she actually was because that was when we had her party. No […]

Great Toys January 2016

Last month we discovered the wonderful world of Rubbabu toys and so I couldn’t help but focus on some of their other toys this month. Rubbabu’s hand made natural foam toys in simple shapes and bright colors are loved by kids and parents alike. Soft and safe for even the youngest children, tactile and bendable, […]

Tiny tempers

Embarrassing, frustrating (or painful!) as they may be, biting and temper tantrums are a normal part of your child’s development. A phase of biting, screaming, kicking and breath-holding is bound to happen at some point or another, but it’s helpful for parents to equip themselves (and their little ones) to cope with this behaviour. Biting […]

Ensure a positive start to playschool

The first day of playschool is often as traumatic for the parents as it is for the child – and moms and dads don’t have new friends and toys to distract them! As difficult as they can be, hellos and goodbyes are an important life lesson for your child, teaching them how to separate from […]

Play is fundamental to your child’s development

“Play is the highest expression of human development in childhood, for it alone is the free expression of what is in a child’s soul.” – Friedrich Froebel In our busy lives dominated by hectic schedules, long commutes and too much screen time, ‘playtime’ often falls by the wayside – for children and parents alike! However, […]

Understanding Facial Expressions

As a parent, it sometimes feels like I can experience a whole spectrum of emotions in a single day: from happiness and joy to frustration, anger and sadness. Finally ending off the day in exhaustion. As adults, I think that we can sometimes take the processing and understanding of emotions for granted. It is easy […]

Matilda and Schoolies

Matilda by Roald Dahl You might think that it is a bit funny that I am reviewing a children’s book instead of an adult book this month, however, please bear with me. We are moving soon and the chaos of school holidays, the festive season and packing up house has left me with very little […]

A Trip to the Bird Gardens

Once the excitement of Christmas and New Year has passed I find that there is a lull in the holiday before the start of the new school year. Not wanting my children to get bored, I have been trying to think of fun things to do round Joburg and I decided that a trip to […]

Back to School Baking

As a parent, there are few things more irritating than getting up early and lovingly preparing a healthy lunchbox only to find it returned, untouched, at the end of the day. This has also happened a few times when I prepared lunch for my husband, although he stopped pretty quickly at the threat of the […]

How to be (Mostly) Prepared for School

It seems like the second that Christmas is over and the streamers from New Year have been cleaned up I start to spot back to school posters, pamphlets and adverts all over the place. Crikey, can’t we at least enjoy the last stretch of the holiday before the cold, hard reminder that work and school […]

Potatoes Aren’t Only For Eating

Children love painting at the best of times. It is such an amazing creative outlet that seems to bring their imaginations alive and I have a wonderful collection of my children’s paintings that I will treasure forever (full disclosure, there are a lot I have binned in the process too). Not wanting to go with […]

Creative Sensory Sand Art

Those of you who know me or who have been following the blog will know that I absolutely loathe sand! Fortunately, not all sand is created equal and I think I have found a way that allows my little ones to experience the sensory wonder of sand, without it getting absolutely everywhere. Sand art is […]

Water Balloon Fun in the Summer

Summer time in Johannesburg means hot, sunny days. And there is nothing more refreshing on a hot, sunny day than some water play in the garden. I found this awesome water balloon kit from a new toy shop recently that I thought would be perfect for this summer. It works by filling up a bunch […]

The Road to Little Dribbling and My First Jozi Words

The Road to Little Dribbling: More Notes from a Small Island by Bill Bryson I have never been particularly interested in travel writing, however, this December I was drawn to a display of Bill Bryson books in a bookshop window. Now, I know that you aren’t supposed to judge a book by its cover and […]

Getting Festive with Gingerbread Houses

Every year at Christmas time, I find myself looking online at all of the amazing gingerbread houses that people create. From elaborate gingerbread mansions to entire gingerbread towns, I just can’t seem to get enough. Once my eldest daughter was old enough, I decided that it might be fun for us to start our own […]

Surviving the December Holidays

December time is here which means school is out, leave has been taken and festive displays are popping up everywhere (although some have been up since September). Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, there is no avoiding the colourful decorations, bright lights, and perhaps most daunting of all, the toy displays! I loathe going to […]

Great Toys December 2015

December time typically means that parents are on the look out for toys to give their little ones as gifts over the festive season. If you are stuck for ideas, here are a few that I gave my little ones to test drive this holiday. Rubbabu Rubbablox Basix 0+ years A set of 10 large […]

Water Play with a Toy Wash Station

December time generally means sun, sand and swimming for most people in South Africa. We have been having a lot of the sun part at the moment and although that is one of the advantages of living in the Southern Hemisphere, it can make for some hot and grumpy children. This morning they were particularly […]

Mistletoes feet and Reindeer hands for Christmas

I had initially wanted to do an outdoor activity with my girls today however the weather was not playing along. Seeing as though we are currently under water restrictions though, I am definitely not going to complain about the rain! The Christmas season has officially started (although we have had our tree and decorations up […]

Great Toys November 2015

Seaside Sidekicks Sand Baking Set (3+ years) Make fabulous mudpies and sandcakes with this sea-creature inspired “baking” set. Young chefs will love using the shell-shaped measuring cups, octopus whisk and crab mixing spoon to “cook” up some great beach treats. The turtle lid on the mixing bowl doubles as a sifter! Although initially you might think […]

The Ages and Stages of Language Development

Humans have an innate gift for language rules and growing our vocabularies. Our ability to communicate complex and abstract ideas is a ‘talent’ specific to us. This is why language development in children is a vital skill, enabling children to make sense of the world around them. As with all childhood development skills, parents and […]

Fill your child’s toy box with toys that teach

Discover the building blocks and tools you need to write the toy story most developmentally valuable to your child. Unlike adults, children seem to subscribe to the ‘bigger is better’ mantra, as well as ‘more is more’ when it comes to toys. So how do moms and dads decide on the perfect toy for their […]

Discovery Bottles for Sensory Play

Sensory discovery bottles are a great way for helping your little ones sensory development in a safe way. Because the bottles are sealed you can let them play with a variety of objects that you wouldn’t normally give them, like small beads, marbles, shredded tin foil etc… What you need: • Empty plastic bottles • […]

According to Yes and There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

According to Yes by Dawn French After a particularly busy and stressful month I decided that I needed to read something light hearted and funny, which is why I was thrilled to discover the new Dawn French book: According to Yes. Most of you might recognize Dawn French as one half of the comedic duo […]

Who said Wooden Spoons were only for cooking?

Ever since my children made these finger puppets, they have been nagging me to make more. I suppose I should be happy that they enjoyed the activity so much; however it did present a challenge when I was trying to think of different kinds of puppets that they could make (that didn’t involve sewing that […]

Pictures on Pinterest Don’t Mean you are Perfect

Let’s not beat around the bush here, there is a LOT of pressure for us moms (and dad’s for that matter) to be absolutely perfect. I sometimes feel like everything that I do is under a microscope and one mistake and I risk being put into the bad/lazy/incompetent parent box forever more. Ok, maybe I […]

Make Your Own Ball Toys at Home

I am always astounded at the cost of toys these days and I know that I am not the only one. It seems as though toys are getting bigger, flashier and more expensive by the day. Unfortunately my bank account doesn’t seem to be doing the same. On the plus side, this doesn’t have to […]

Pool Noodle Fun Without the Pool

Although I have never played croquet, I have always liked the idea of it. I think it stems from watching Alice in Wonderland when I was a child. I loved watching Alice hit those little rolled up hedgehogs (I think) through the folded over cards with her flamingo croquet stick (hmm, I must watch that again, […]

Teddy bears (beach) picnic

Bakerman is always a special time of the term for me as it is a chance for me and my eldest daughter to bake something together, just the two if us. We do of course have a little spectator, but for now she seems quite content to just watch. We always start the process off […]

Finger Puppet Fun

I remember playing with all sorts of various puppets when I was little and what I didn’t realise at the time (of course) is how hugely beneficial they were. Puppets enhance storytelling (they help bring the story to life); they encourage social skills (children have to learn to take turns and listen to each other); […]

A fun use for disposable doctor’s gloves.

One of the things that I absolutely love about doing activities with my children, is thinking of new and different ways to use everyday items. I have come to learn that almost everything has an alternative use and disposable rubber gloves are no exception. My youngest daughter has been sick this week. Our very dry […]

Nothing Like a Bit of Outdoor Free Play

When it comes to stimulating your children’s senses you really don’t need to look much further than the great outdoors. Our local parks and open spaces are filled with jungle gyms, flora and fauna and a whole host of other things that can stimulate your children’s senses of touch, sight, hearing, smell and even taste (they […]

Saturday Night is Pizza Night

I am sure that I am not the only one out there who has children who love pizza. In fact when we go out to eat it is almost always the first thing that my little ones request and so I thought that this month, instead of going for our usual sweet dish, we could […]

Turn your child into a happy traveller with Clamber Club and Safeway

Clamber Club and Safeway have teamed up to help parents and children enjoy a safe, stimulating and stress-free car journey every time. The Happy Traveller Campaign, which launched in Baby City stores nationwide in September 2015, offers a free Clamber Club Car Sanity Saver CD (valued at R80) with selected Safeway car seats purchased. Safety is […]

Stimulating the Senses can be Easy AND Fun!

Since becoming a parent I have realised that it is very easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of things that we are responsible for teaching our children. From sensory stimulation to gross motor development and everything in-between, it is sometimes difficult to even know where to start. Well, we can start by choosing […]

Stirred But Not Shaken and Noisy Farm

Stirred But Not Shaken by Keith Floyd  This past weekend I finished reading a book that I can’t wait to share with you. Like many South Africans of my generation, I have grown up with numerous celebrity chefs gracing my television screen. From Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson to the potty mouth king Gordon Ramsay. […]

Great Toys – October 2015

Melissa and Doug Farm Touch and Feel Puzzle 18+ Months Feel the wooly lamb and the feathery duck…just two of the exciting textures to explore on these animal-shaped puzzle pieces! The four wooden pieces of this colourful puzzle will help stimulate sensory discrimination and hand/eye development. It never ceases to amaze me how children are […]

Stimulating the Visual Sense with Rainbows

To me there is nothing that symbolises spring time quite like a rainbow (barring the new flowers, green gardens and warmer temperatures of course). When those first afternoon showers arrive, giving new life and bringing with them those magical strips of colour, peeping from behind the clouds, I can’t help but smile. Enough about me […]

Spring Time Sensory Fun with Colour Swatches

I have always loved the changing of the seasons. Mother nature is amazing and it is incredible to see how the leaves change colour in the autumn; the icy frost and dry crisp air in the winter; the new flower and tree shoots in the spring and then of course the incredible greenery in the […]

Shhh, Don’t Wake the Baby

After writing about how I deal with sleep deprivation last month, it seems as though both my children took the hint and for the past few weeks they have both been letting mommy get her beauty sleep (and save some money on take-away cappuccinos). I had a good chuckle thinking about how quickly sleep situations […]

Messy Spaghetti Painting

I love using food as sensory items for my children. There is something that completely amazes them about doing something with food other than eating and it is just such a joy to watch. I had been wanting to use pasta as the sensory food item for a while now and so I decided today […]

Great Toys – September 2015

Melissa & Doug Water WOW! Animals – ON the GO Travel Activity No-mess painting for kids! This exciting paint-with-water colouring book includes four reusable pages and a refillable water pen. Simply use the pen to colour in each scene–details and vibrant colour appear with every stroke! Then let the page dry to erase the pictures […]

Creative Water Play in the Garden

After only being back at school for just over a week I found out that my eldest daughter would have a full four days off school owing to the heritage day long weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending as much time as possible with my children but it did mean that I had […]

Having fun with Feathers and Glue

A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to pay another visit to the Dullstroom Bird of Prey Centre and during the flying demonstration my two year old decided that she was brave enough to hold one of the owls. She was hooked and ever since then both of my girls have been obsessed with […]

There is Nothing Magical about Sleep Deprivation

I really didn’t feel great today. My eldest daughter is back at school after a month long holiday and a week of early wake ups, a busy daily routine and a yucky bug has meant that I have not been in top form. To add to my misery my little ones have been waking up […]

Encouraging Creativity through the Senses

Sensory activities and creativity are literally a match made in heaven. Just think about when your children create a painting for example. They are able to see the colours, smell the paint and feel the texture of the paint and paper. And, if they are anything like my children, they will taste it too. Sight, […]

Icarus and Children’s Activity Books

Icarus by Deon Meyer I know that I reviewed a mystery thriller last month but when Deon Meyer’s new book came out just after I finished The Girl on the Train, I could NOT resist. I have literally been waiting for the English translation of this book to come out for months. The South African […]

Creative Spring Fairy Gardens

When we hear the word creativity with regards to activities with our children we often automatically think of things like arts and crafts or even baking. It is important to remember though that there is a whole world out there waiting for your children’s creativity and you don’t even have to go further than your […]

Getting Creative on Holiday

Holiday time is the perfect time for your children to be creative. There is something magical about going away to a new and exciting place that just sparks your little one’s imaginations and gets their creative juices flowing. Watching my children explore their new surroundings and creating little worlds out of items they find is […]

Yummy waffles with sprinkles galore!

One of my favourite outings when my siblings and I were children was to the milky lane. I remember reading through the menu like it was the greatest thing my eyes had ever set upon and all the amazing toppings and varieties made choosing what to eat very difficult. Although many of the Milky Lane […]

Letting Our Noses Lead the Way

So often when we hear the words Sensory Play we only think of touch. Allowing our children to squelch mud through their fingers; slide fingers dipped in paint across a page or feel all the different textures on a texture board. It is easy to forget that one of our most important senses is the […]

Painting Fun with Shapes

Those people who know me, know that I LOVE to paint and if I could have my way I would spend my days in an art studio churning out canvas after canvas (and occasionally sipping on champagne). As you can imagine looking after my children full time means that I don’t have very much time […]

The Girl on the Train and Spot the Dog

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins I am a sucker for a good mystery thriller and I was very intrigued when I saw a huge display of Paula Hawkins’ thriller in the bookshop. This novel is Paula’s first attempt to crack the thriller genre and having shot to the number one spot on […]

Clamber Club Goes to the Zoo

  Every term Clamber Club organises an outing and this term we were lucky enough to visit the Johannesburg Zoo. Two excited little girls with their Clamber Club lunch boxes (the littlest one trying to break into the snacks early). The zoo is a wonderful place for your children to see animals up close and […]

Potty Training Time (uh oh)!

I successfully potty trained my eldest daughter at two years and three months and so a few months ago when my youngest daughter turned two I started to look out for the signs that she was ready to ditch the nappies. There were none. I didn’t mind though because it meant that I didn’t have […]

My Favourite Sugar Cookies

A recipe for sugar cookies is one that every mom should have in her repertoire; they are quick and easy to make and the best part is that children LOVE them. I don’t think that I have ever hosted a children’s birthday party without making a batch of these and they are usually the first […]

Great Toys – August 2015

Clamber Club Ball with Elastic String Many of you will be familiar with the bright yellow Clamber Club soft ball which is fantastic for little people to kick around and play with. Those clever clogs at Clamber Club have now introduced a new product, their soft yellow ball with an elasticized string and adjustable waist […]

Fizzy, foamy vinegar eruptions

I always find it so amazing how you can create something that is so much fun from household ingredients that are so boring! Take bicarbonate of soda (also known as baking soda) and vinegar for example. Both are touted as wonder products with hundreds of uses between them from cleaning ovens; removing smells, revitalizing leather […]

Almost Summertime Garden Obstacle Course

The weather has started warming up and despite it technically still being winter it is a beautiful 25 degrees and sunny. So, what better way to spend a public holiday than outdoors with some friends and an obstacle course. Children love obstacle courses and not only is it a great way to help them burn […]

Tape Squares for Spatial Awareness

It has been a very busy weekend so far and unsurprisingly my children are still going. I swear that if I were able to expend the amount of energy that they do I would be as skinny as a pole! When we arrived home after an afternoon of running around and riding bikes I had […]

Non-Traditional Butterfly Cupcakes for Bakerman

Friday is one of my daughter’s favourite days at school and not for the reason you may think. As adults we lust after Fridays as they signal the start of the weekend however for my daughter Friday means that it is bakerman day at school. Each week two of the children in her class take in […]

Sensory Play with Foamy Sand

Sensory play is wonderful for small children and has numerous benefits including an improvement in motor skills and language development as well as helping them learn more about their environment. The Clamber Club teachers love sensory play and it is wonderful how they experiment for us moms so that we don’t have to (because who […]

Two Little Elephants Balancing

Today was the first warm day we have had in almost a week and so when my eldest daughter asked me if we could do an outside activity I didn’t hesitate at all. I didn’t have anything in particular in mind and when I asked my children what they wanted to do; my eldest declared […]

James Herriot and Pip and Posey

James Herriot The James Herriot series of books is not new and so I am hoping that readers won’t be disappointed by my choosing to review these books this month. I had actually temporarily forgotten about them when I came across some information about Jennifer Worth, author of Call the Midwife, who came to the […]

Having Fun with Balancing Hangers

My eldest daughter has become obsessed with balance lately. She often comes home from school telling me that she has a great sense of balance and that she and her friends practice walking on the wall and logs outside the classroom and that she is the best. I know that at this age (4) being […]

Keeping Children Busy and You Sane on Outings

I have come across countless articles, blog posts and jokes poking fun at new parents leaving the house with a baby for the first time. We are presented with images of parents packing everything but the kitchen sink into their cars for a ten minute trip up the road or arriving at their destination over […]

Sensory play with Snow Sand

It is no secret that I hate sand. No, hate is not too strong a word in this case; in fact it might not be strong enough. I would choose the countryside over the sea side any day and the thought of discovering beach sand in amongst my bags etc… months after a beach holiday […]

Baking with Daddy

It was my birthday this weekend past and despite my many reservations, I agreed to vacate the house for the morning while my husband and children made me a birthday cake. Now, I say that I had reservations because although my husband is absolutely amazing and can do a great many things, baking is, unfortunately, […]

Great Toys June 2015

Quercetti Geokid Daisy Maxi Daisy Maxi is a creative educational toy with colourful jumbo pegs that has been specifically designed to meet your child’s first developmental needs. Babies and toddlers will be fascinated by the stackable jumbo pegs with rounded edges made of durable and safe material. They are soft and easy to hold and […]

Balancing Robots

When it comes to practising balancing skills with our children I am sure that most of us automatically think of more gross motor activities like egg and spoon races, balance beams, climbing on jungle gyms etc… than indoor arts and crafts. Well, I found this fun robot craft by Buggy and Buddy to do indoors […]

Egg and Spoon Races

When we talk about balance with regards to our children most of us automatically think of things like our children walking on balance beams or the edges of flowerbeds. My 4 year old daughter has recently taken to walking around the house with a book on her head or walking around on her tip toes […]

Body Tunnels

Making body tunnels is a really fun way of teaching your children about body space awareness, in other words, teaching them how much space their bodies take up. I had almost forgotten how children have to learn this skill when I caught my youngest trying to crawl under a chair in our dining room. She […]

Memory Games

We all know that children love running around and using up some of the endless amounts of energy that they seem to have however sometimes after a busy morning it is nice to have some down quiet play time. Now, quiet time doesn’t necessarily mean boring time and playing memory games is can be a […]

Cardboard Tunnels

Almost everybody knows the story of the parents who bought their children expensive toys or games etc… only to have them more interested in the box they came in. I have certainly experienced this first hand and as frustrating as it can be (especially if said toy is a flat pack that you spend the […]

Jog The Frog Says

I remember playing this game (more commonly known as Simon Says) when I was a child and like most children, I was completely unaware of how beneficial it was to my Body Awareness development. Occupational Therapist and Clamber Club founder Liz Senior explains that as children move, interact with, and explore the world, their brains […]

Great Toys – April 2015

Peek a book panda This wooden panda baby toy loves to play peekaboo! Hear the click and clack as its paws flap up to cover the cheerful face, then push them down again to say, “Hello!” Even babies can bring about a big visual change with just a simple motion, so they’re encouraged to keep […]

Chores for Toddlers

When we were growing up, my siblings and I had a number of chores that we were responsible for. Some of them were mandatory (cleaning our rooms, clearing dishes etc…) and others were rewarded with pocket money (washing the car) and as we grew older the chores changed appropriately. Now I have to admit that […]

Build a bowling Alley

Winter seems to have arrived with a vengeance and along with it chesty coughs and runny noses. So, what do you do with two sick kids when it is bitterly cold outside, you go bowling of course. Now, before anyone yells at me for exposing other kids to our sick germs, this kind of bowling […]

Autumn Leaf People

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons. Not only does the weather start cooling down (I am a winter baby and don’t do well in the heat) but it also offers a multitude of craft materials and ideas to do with the children. My eldest daughter is 4 now and loves drawing people but despite […]

Egg Box Bees

A couple of weeks back the children were playing in the garden when my eldest pointed out a dark cloud moving around our dog. It turns out that dark cloud was in fact a swarm of bees searching for a new hive. While I do not underestimate the importance of bees and I was very […]

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

We had just finished making body puzzles for our Body Awareness craft and I decided that seeing as though I already had the song stuck in my head we may as well crank up the volume and do some active play to the song. According to Occupational Therapist and Clamber Club founder Liz Senior the […]

Playing with Clay

My children are obsessed with Peppa Pig and I think that they would watch it all day if I let them. Fortunately I do not however the reason why I bring this up is because in one episode Peppa is at her friend Zoe Zebra’s house and they want to make a tea set. The […]

Chocolate Chip Honey Oatmeal Cookies

After our little run in with a swarm of bees the other day I have taken the opportunity to teach the kids all about bees. We have made some bee crafts and they have learnt all about how the bees collect pollen from the flowers and use it to make honey. I thought that to […]

Sibling Rivalry – Tips for Dealing with Conflict

I really am so pleased that we had our two amazing children so close together. Having a just under 2 year age gap means that our little ones are close enough together that they still have a lot in common in terms of toys and interests (an added bonus is that they are the same […]

Going for Grommets

Despite all of my tools for keeping winter bugs away I suppose it is inevitable that one or more of the children is going to get sick. My youngest has unfortunately always been prone to ear infections. Her very first one was picked up at her routine 6 month check up (she doesn’t get temperatures […]

The Dullstroom Bird Of Prey & Rehabilitation Centre

While children are fascinated by all animals, the fact that birds can fly seem to make them particularly fascinating to children of all ages. If you don’t believe me, next time you are in the park, walking down the street, or even in a side walk restaurant, watch your children’s reaction to birds flying around […]

The Art of the Brick Lego Exhibition

It is no secret that I have a love for all things Lego and so when I started seeing posters for The Art of the Brick Lego exhibit happening in Rosebank my interest was immediately sparked. Oh yes, and I figured that the children would probably love it to. After purchasing the necessary tickets we […]

Passageway Maze

It is raining, and freezing (winter) and apparently the weather thinks that Johannesburg is actually Cape Town. Oh yes, and the kids are bored. Now, I am all up for the kids watching a bit of tv when the weather is miserable but I don’t want them to spend all day there and so I […]

Great Toys – May 2015

Basic Skills Board This wooden bear is always smiling, but he’s happiest when fully dressed! Getting dressed won’t be such a puzzle once zipping, buckling, snapping, lacing and tying, and other dressing skills are mastered. Each skill is contained on a separate, wooden puzzle piece for easy practice. Develop fine motor and life skills with […]

The Mindfulness Colouring Book and Fancy Nancy

The Mindfulness Colouring Book: Anti-Stress Art Therapy for Busy People – Emma Farrarons A short while ago I was visiting my mother and she excitedly told me about a new trend that had emerged, namely adult colouring books. With two toddlers in the house most of my days involved colouring in some craft or cartoon character […]

Making Finn and Dog-a-pult

Making Finn – Susan Newham I first came across Susan Newham on Parent 24 when I was pregnant with my first child. Like many first time moms-to-be I craved information from other moms who had already been there and done that. I valued the information from experience far more than the information in all those […]

Call the Midwife and Ping Pong Pig

Call the Midwife – Jennifer Worth At first glance most people may ask why I am reviewing a tv series however I assure you I am not. It was during one of the more inconvenient bouts of load shedding (the 18:00 – 22:30 time slot in the middle of winter) while browsing through my mother’s […]

How to (try) keep winter bugs at by

Unfortunately my latest moment isn’t the most magical one and has to do with sick children. Winter is here and along with it dry air, dust, allergies and a whole heap of bugs. It is almost inevitable that your children will fall victim to them and if you have more than one little person it […]

Gingerbread Men

When I was little I used to love dunking gingerbread biscuits into my tea with my dad in the morning. There was nothing like pulling out those cracked round cookies and feeling them disintegrate in my mouth while the spicy flavour lingered on my tongue and to this day they are still some of my […]

Carrot and Bran Muffins

Baking time is always a favourite in our house however usually when we bake there is a squabble or two over who gets to pour in the ingredients, who gets to stir etc… As my eldest is the more co-ordinated she does usually get to do the lion’s share and so while she was at […]

Feed the Lego Monsters

When I was growing up Lego was one of my favourite toys to play with (and still is for that matter) and so I am delighted at how enthusiastic my little ones are when I pull out the giant tub of Lego. I was lucky enough that my mom kept all of our Lego from […]

Autumn Scavenger Hunt

Autumn is a great time for being outdoors. It isn’t too hot (or too cold yet for that matter) and the combination of falling leaves, pretty colours and changing environment make it an exciting place to play. I wanted to help the children get the most out of the season and learn a bit more […]

Handprint Paintings

I am not sure that there are many children out there who don’t like getting their hands covered in paint! My absolutely love it and so when I am feeling a bit brave I like to whip out a stack of paper and paints and let them go mad. Hand painting is a great activity […]

Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

As I type this I am singing the song in my head, it is amazing how annoyingly catchy it is! As a parent you have probably heard the term Body Awareness before and for good reason. Occupational Therapist and Clamber Club Founder Liz Senior explains that Body Awareness is an important developmental measure in early […]

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