I often wonder how to foster open communication with my little girl as she gets older. Of course now she is too little and hardly talks, but when she starts going to playschool and then onto primary school and so on, I know I am going to want her to tell me things out of the ordinary about her day.


bonding photo

My mum always said that, the ‘trick’ is to make sure you have an opportunity for communication, giving your little one a chance to talk to you means that you are half way there. A friend of mine told me that she asks her school going son three questions every night about his day. The answers have given her a wonderful insight into her child’s life and has created a wonderful connection between them. This is a great bonding exercise for you to do with your little one each day while paving the way for open communication with your child.



So what are these 3 questions?

1. What one thing made you happy today?

2. What one thing made you sad today?

3. What one thing did you learn today?


Although these questions sound simple, they are great conversation starters with your little ones and it will amaze you how much you learn about your child’s day by simply starting with these questions. These simple questions will help your child learn to communicate and show you as a parent, how your little one has viewed his day.