Playschool for kids is an effective way to help your child prepare for big school. Ideally, your child should have also had some experience going to toddler classes or other sessions made for smaller kids. Even if playschool is the very first introduction to ‘school’, your child will get many benefits from these structured classes. Keep reading to find out what makes playschool for kids so invaluable for childhood development.

Biggest Benefits of Playschool for Kids

The biggest advantages of playschool for kids include the following:

1. Socialisation

This is by far the most important benefit of playschool. Kids that have not had much contact with other kids, aside from family members or very small groups of friends will find it much harder to develop relationships. Socialisation is essential for team-work, conflict resolution, empathy building, interaction, and communication.

2. Motor development

Dedicated classes are made to help kids develop both fine and gross motor skills in a fun environment. These skills play a vital role in your child’s development, from learning how to draw, cut and tie shoelaces all the way to being able to run, kick or throw balls, and perform other physical actions. 

3. Free play

Free play is equally important for kids. In a structured class, there is always time for kids to let loose in the playground. Equipment such as jungle gyms, swings and other playsets help kids let off steam while building muscle and improving their physical skills. It also helps them interact with other kids during play, learning how to share, work together and make friends while they play.

4. Independence

Big school can be scary for kids and parents alike. For kids who have been prepared for full days in the classroom, playschool helps to bridge the progression. These classes are shorter than regular school classes. They teach kids how to spend the day without mom and dad, in a place that is not home, doing activities and playing with other kids, and learning how to do things on their own. 

5. School-readiness

Finally, on the topic of preparing for school, playschool is incredibly important for school readiness in general. This is where kids learn how to draw, paint, cut, colour, sit still, listen, follow basic instructions, have set timetables, learn to separate ‘work’ and play, be kind to classmates, and follow a routine. When they are ready for preschool and grade 1, school will feel much less stressful and strange. This will make kids feel more confident, making it easier to learn and thrive in the classroom environment. 

Clamber Club offers playschool classes that are made to help your little one have fun while learning in a rewarding way. Contact us today to find out more about playschool for kids.