Here are 5 Easy Sensory Activities when you have a rainy day, or would like to do something different with your Toddler. I have used ‘’ingredients’’ that will be easily found around the house and will not cost a fortune.

This type of play encourages language development, cognitive growth, motor skills, problem solving and social interaction. It is fantastic for the tactile sense – and most importantly FUN!

You can learn more about the Sensory Systems on one of our Clamber Club videos here:

Important note: Please do not leave your toddler to complete any of these activities on their own. They will need adult supervision.

Activity 1 – Washing muddy animals/cars/trains

You will need:

  • Real mud OR chocolate cake mix
  • Sunlight soap OR bubble bath (My son suffers from eczema so we used the bubble bath)
  • A selection of animals, cars or trains to ‘’wash’’
  • 2x shallow buckets, Tupperware or trays (I reused the empty food dishes from Woolworths Instant Meals)

In the one container, place your mud or a couple of handfuls of cake mix. Add water to get your desired muddy `squelchiness’. Then place your selection of animals, cars or trains to be ‘’washed’’.

I like using the cake mix for my boys because should they do some explorative taste testing, then at least it is cake mix and not mud 😊

Next to this container, place your 2nd container and fill it with cold water and add Sunlight Soap or bubble bath. Swish up the water to create magical, inviting bubbles for your toddler to wash their animals, cars or trains in.

Show your toddler how to place the toy they would like to wash, into the clean container of water. You could also add a small scrubbing brush or sponge to help them wash.

Activity 2 – Coloured yoghurt play


You will need:

  • 2x large scoops of double thick yoghurt (a little goes a long way)
  • A flat baking tray or other container
  • 2x different food colourings

Place the large scoops of double thick yoghurt on opposite sides of the tray. Add only a drop or two of the preferred food colouring and swirl it into your yoghurt blob with a toothpick or teaspoon.

Next, let your toddler have a whale of a time! You can place a large sheet of butcher’s paper under the tray and allow your toddler to transfer their yoghurt paint covered fingers and hands onto the paper and ‘’paint’’. Or, if you do not mind clearing up the mess afterwards, you can let them paint straight onto the floor or table that they are working on.

My sons ended up painting the tiles floor…and themselves! It was quite a success!


Activity 3 – Construction car exploration in flour

You will need:

  • A shallow tray or Tupperware
  • A selection of construction cars (diggers, bulldozers etc)
  • 2 or 3 handfuls of flour

Place the 2 or 3 handfuls of flour into the tray, and decorate it with your construction cars. You can also add some small rocks from the garden if you like.

This is lovely small world play, and your toddlers will enjoy the softness of the flour. Not to mention the interesting tracks the little construction cars will be making as they push them around the tray.


Activity 4 – Pasta and rice transfer

You will need:

  • A selection of different pastas
  • A handful of rice
  • An icetray
  • A selection of utensils for your toddler to scoop up the pasta. We used a baby formula scoop, a teaspoon and one of our toddler’s baby spoons.
  • A shallow baking tray or other container

Place the selection of pastas and rice in the tray. You can mix it all up, or put them into rows like we did. Scatter the selection of utensils on top of your pasta and rice mix. Then place your ice-tray next to the container.

Show your toddler what they need to do. Choose one of the utensils and scoop up some pasta or rice, and put it into the ice-tray. Your toddler will quickly get the idea and will be trying their best to scoop it up themselves.

Not only are the different textures of the pasta and rice, but this is great for fine motor skills too.

Activity 5 – Cloud dough

You will need:

  • 2x cups of flour
  • ½ cup of baby oil
  • A shallow tray or other container

Mix the flour and baby oil together in the container. It will form a silky soft ‘’dough’’. This is incredibly malleable and great for tactile play. It is also completely taste safe.

Add some toys or other objects you think your toddler might find interesting. Let their fingers do all the exploring.

Have FUN!

Written By Lisa Thomas-Carter