1. Choose a photographer you are comfortable with

This may seem straightforward, but the thought of having someone in your home taking pictures of your newborn is stressful. Remember, you have only been home for two weeks, you are tired, you might not have been able to shower (due to baby crying or fussing all night) and you need someone that you feel comfortable with. Use referrals from friends or even the photographer from your maternity shoot.

  1. The photographer needs to come to your home

Your newborn is two weeks old, you are still recovering from either natural birth or a c-section, you are sleep deprived and having to take your newborn in the car with all the outfits you have selected is daunting and overwhelming  (not to mention packing the nappy bag with all the necessities). To avoid all the stress and make it a fun and enjoyable morning, get the photographer to come to you.

  1. Negotiate a better price

There is no harm in asking for a discount. You are on maternity leave (probably unpaid) and your debit orders will still be deducted every month and your husband probably thinks that a newborn shoot is a cute but unnecessary expense.

  1. Give the photographer guidelines

The main purpose of this photo shoot is to document your baby. If you have a theme or a specific outfit you want your baby to be dressed in, you need to let the photographer know. Would you be happy with your baby wearing a pink tutu, if the photographer thinks he is a girl?!

  1. Keep your routine

Your photo shoot was scheduled for 10am and the photographer is running late. If you need to feed your baby at 11am and this will interrupt the photo shoot, then do it. Your baby’s needs come first. The photographer and everyone else can wait. A happy and content baby will make for better pictures anyway.

Contributed by Kathy Cowell of Clamber Club
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