This week I decided to play a few tin games with my children. I often use tin games in both my Clamber Club Sports classes and at our Parties and these are always such a hit. Tins are items we always have in our house and can be used in many different ways.


Before we started to play a few games we decided to decorate the tins. We just used some spray paint and a few Jog the Frog stickers to make the tins more exciting. Let your children decide how they want to decorate the tins and let them have fun with different colours and stickers of their choice.


Once the tins had dried and the children were happy with how they turned out we went ahead and started to have some fun. Here are a few games that you can try with your littles ones:

  1. Balancing a bean bag on a tin – This activity is great for concentration and object balance
  2. Balancing on tins and catching  –   This activity is perfect to for children to practice their balanceing skills, catching skills and eye-hand coordination
  3. Build a tower – This activity promotes concentration, planning and coordination. Once you have built your tower have fun kicking your tower over.
  4. Drumming on tins with hands or sticks – This activity is great for working on rhythm and timing, bilateral integration and coordination. Let your child have fun making music and creating her own songs.
  5. Rolling the tin –  This is great for promoting bilateral integration and eye-hand coordination. This activity can also be turned into a race to see who gets to the other side of the garden first.
  6. Target throwing –  Target throwing promotes eye-hand coordination and gives your child the opportunity to practice his throwing skills.


My children had so much fun and really enjoyed every activity that we did. Olivia was so proud of herself for building her tower without it falling over.


Seeing my children use their imaginations and really have fun and be creative with this activity was so rewarding. The tins ended up being used as stepping stones and we pretended we were walking over a hot bed of lava. You will be amazed at the different activities that your children come up with something so simple.


Contributed by Lenete De Sousa of Clamber Club Parties – Centurion
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