Once the excitement of Christmas and New Year has passed I find that there is a lull in the holiday before the start of the new school year. Not wanting my children to get bored, I have been trying to think of fun things to do round Joburg and I decided that a trip to the Monte Casino Bird Gardens might be a winner of an idea.

Children are especially fascinated birds and the fact that they can fly and ever since we took our children to the Dullstroom Bird of Prey Centre, they have been obsessed. This was wonderful for me because it meant that when I suggested the outing, there were absolutely no objections.


We got there on a weekday morning as the park was opening, so we literally had the whole place to ourselves.


One of the things that I love about the bird gardens is that, aside from a large, varied selection of birds, they are also home to monkeys, meercats, tortoises and reptiles. There certainly is no shortage of things to look at.


Trying to spot the pink flamingos (I am not a girl mom or anything).





This duck literally stalked us from the second we walked in.

It was a bit rainy and wet when we were there (combined with the fact that we were there at 8:30 in the morning) and so we didn’t get to see the flying display, however, we did end our morning with milkshakes and playtime at the park’s Flamingo Café.


For more information you can call the bird park on 011 511 1864 or visit their website