Last month we discovered the wonderful world of Rubbabu toys and so I couldn’t help but focus on some of their other toys this month.


Rubbabu’s hand made natural foam toys in simple shapes and bright colors are loved by kids and parents alike.

Soft and safe for even the youngest children, tactile and bendable, they offer endless play value and learning.

Rubbabu toys encourage imaginative play. They are strong and durable, one of those toys that become a child’s favorite companion for many years.

Rubbabu Vehicles
All children love cars and I can honestly say that the Rubbabu range is amazing. The cars are actually a range of vehicles that are different shapes on wheels. There is a giraffe, hippo, dump truck, aeroplane, car and bus to name a few. They are all made from natural rubber foam and covered by 100% nylon flock and have the most incredible texture. You really have to feel them for yourself. I couldn’t believe how fast their little wheels moved either and they just zoomed across the floor.


Once my girls were done racing the cars down the passage, I gave them some cardboard boxes which they used to make garages for them. We had great fun all morning with these and not only did my little ones get to play with these amazing toys but they were able to extend the toy to include some imaginative play and arts and crafts.



Rubbabu Balls
I also couldn’t resist the Rubbabu balls! Their bright fun colours combined with the soft, fluffy texture means that they will be irresistible to your children. What I really liked is that they are small enough for little hands to throw and catch which means that they really help with hand-eye co-ordination. Their softness also meant that we could get in some great catch and throw practice without any bashed noses or tears.




I can honestly say that I am a bit obsessed with this range of toys. Try them out for yourself and I am sure that you will be too.

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