Let’s face it, planning a children’s party is a LOT of work and takes a LOT of time. Between raising children and work and running a house most of us don’t have the time. That is when using Clamber Club Parties is ideal! And you know what, even if you do have the time, it can be really nice to leave the hard work to someone else.


Clamber Club offer unique obstacle course parties that come with all the equipment and a team of trained entertainers to keep your children happy and busy. No matter how big or small, Clamber Club can cater to your needs and provide an amazing party experience for your child’s birthday party.


There are party options for babies, toddlers and children up to 9 years old. It couldn’t be easier and all you have to provide is a venue and party food for your guests, everything else is taken care of.


For more information, please email Clamber Club or visit the website.