Fun with stickies.

What would bath time be without PLAY PLAY PLAY.

Clamber Club’s Motto is all about move learn grow.

Play is the most important aspect in which our children learn through and fully understand how their bodies work – hence the motto we as Clamber Club Sports Franchisees live by.

Bath time in our home is not a short, quick exercise because my 20 month old has to choose her toys before we get into the bath and the game that goes with them.

Even though it’s the end of the day and kids can be rather ratty, we try end our days with laughter, giggles and some learning. A great distraction whilst mommy tries to wash her little body and hair.

Jordyn LOVES her brothers collection of stickies and has recently discovered that they stick best in the bath.

So what an awesome opportunity to try repeat our colour matching (start with primary colours), fine motor, proprioception (push and pull skills), eye hand coordination (catching floating stickies) and even grouping skills.

I start with choosing only primary colours from the pile of stickies and just sticking them separately onto the bath. Then I assist Jordyn with sticking the other floating stickies into the correct groups.

We don’t always get it right, so I try guide her where she allows me to.

Another grouping exercise we try out is putting all the stickies together that have x 1 eye, teeth, big smile, funny hairstyles etc….. (not necessarily colour grouped). She really enjoyed this too and it brings in a few number concepts into the game where she has to count or look for the specific classification we are working with.

When she gets tired and has lost concentration (all of 5 minutes) we happily pull the stickies off the bath and let them float in the water again – proprioception (stick and pull off actions)

The fine motor handling is also very good in strengthening those little fingers and hands.

Just a simple, yet fun and creative way of teaching our children important concepts for life.

Happy playing and creative play.

Contributed by Candice Vogel of Clamber Club Sports Lonehill
Cell: 079 185 2657