With our new way of living in these Covid times, we often need to keep our children active, especially as we are required to stay at home and socially distance.


Here are some Clamber Club Sports activities many of our parents use to keep their children ACTIVE and ENTERTAINED during lockdown or during times when online learning is required.


You can play with your child, or you can get siblings to participate together.


You will need:

  • 2 x buckets
  • 1 x towel
  • All sorts of balls/ fluffy toys
  • Lots of different hats
  • 2 x people


Place bucket 1 and 2 on opposites sides of the room to each other for both games.

Fill bucket 1 with either the fluffy toys and hats or with the balls depending of what game you are playing.


1st Game – Magic towel rides for core strength and balance:


One person rides the towel (core balance), and the other person pulls the towel (proprioception – push and pull).


You can start with placing the fluffy toys or hats onto the towel riders lap (from out of bucket 1) and they balance their own body as well as the object on their lap until they move to bucket number 2 (object balance).


Repeat until all the hats/ fluffy toys are placed into bucket number 2.


The towel puller can pull the towel faster/ slower or in different directions forcing the towel rider to balance using all his/ her core muscles. The towel puller will be using all their arm muscles, shoulder girdle and hands to pull the heavy towel in different directions. Participants can swap positions and activate the different muscle groups.


Watch this video to see how you can play this game at home:



2nd Game – Bilateral coordination with a ball, pillow case and towel


2 players hold a towel between them.


They place a ball onto their towel and walk TOGETHER from bucket 1 towards bucket 2 (object balance and teamwork), balancing the ball and then tipping the ball into the 2nd bucket (midline crossing).

They continue until all the balls have been placed into bucket 2.

A more difficult version would be to lift the towel UP and DOWN whilst walking towards bucket 2 balancing the ball as the towel direction moves and changes.

GREAT for teamwork and balance activity.


Watch this video to see how you can play this game at home:





Contributed by Candice Vogel of Clamber Club Sports Lonehill
Website: www.clamberclub.com