After having a baby, you realize that there is not much time for yourself let alone time to get to the gym to try get and get your the pre-baby body back or to just get some good endorphins flowing.

Since I recently had my first baby and prior to having him I loved working out and going to the gym but found very little time to get there once he was born which led me to getting creative and looking into ways I can have a little work out at home to avoid having to always arrange someone to watch my little one.

Look at it as some extra bonding time with your baby and making it all a little bit of fun. You can even treat it as a body awareness exercise – look at you super mommy!

As you perform each exercise tell your baby what body part it is that you are using and what you are doing and other things you do with that part of your body day to day. For example, when you do a shoulder press using your baby as your weights you say these are my arms lifting you up getting nice and strong to lift you. Apart from anything your baby loves to look at your face and will love the attention.

Remember your body grew and carried your precious little bundle for +- 9 months and you should not be too hard on yourself to get your pre-baby body back in record time.

You need to give your body time to heal, start off taking it easy and build up your strength slowly. It’s important to remember your abdominal and lower back muscles are not as strong as they once were.

Before working out you must get the OK from your doctor.

Make sure you and baby are both comfortable and make use of a mat or pillow for exercises when baby is on the floor.


Home exercises with your baby:


1.Shoulder presses









4.Press ups









Do each exercise 5 – 10 times, for 3 rounds Planking start off for as long as you can and build up time. Remember to start off slow and listen to your body!


Another nice way to get the heart rate going while getting out the house for some fresh air is to go for a nice walk with your baby in their stroller, you can do walking lunges, squats, calf raises and walk fast for a minute and then slow it down and repeat. It’s also so good to get out the house and get some sunshine.

As many new moms feel trapped in the house after having a baby. Getting outdoors wont only help with loosing calories, it boosts energy and helps with stress.

Once baby is a bit bigger and sturdier you can start jogging slowly but start off with walking and build up speed a you get fitter and when your body is ready.


Here are a few workout options with the baby stroller:


1.Walking lunges



3.Calf raises



4.Take some time to take a deep breathe in, relax and take in the outside views with your baby