I bought all these cute little outfits for my baby girl and she only wore them once!  It broke my heart that I had to give them away so soon, as they were still as good as new.  Then my mom came up with an incredible idea:  Why not make alterations to the outfits so that she can wear them for longer?  I had no idea how to do this as I am useless with a sewing machine, but luckily my mom is very creative and handy!  I just have to mention that my daughter is tall and skinny, so although the clothes were too short, it still fit around her tiny little body.

This is what we did:

I took all the cute baby grows of 6 – 12 months and 12 – 18 months and altered them. She is now 3 years old and still wears these clothes. These were a few of my favourites! All I did was cut the bottom off, find material I liked and sewed it onto the top part.


She also had a gorgeous skirt that was too big, but getting too short to wear.  I found a baby vest that would suit the skirt and sewed them together.


Here I had three onesies that I absolutely loved and altered them in the following ways:

This one I cut at the waist and added an elastic band to the pants which made this outfit a sassy short and shirt ensemble.


The next onesie I untangled the shorts and sewed the panels together as a dress.


The last onesie had lace around the waist so it was difficult to find material to suit the lace and change it into a dress, so I simply cut off the bottom part, put a small hem in and found a pair of white shorts to go with it.


Now my two-year-old daughter has a beautiful new wardrobe and I could emotionally hang on to the adorable baby grows, and my baby, just a bit longer.