I am not sure that there are many children out there who don’t like getting their hands covered in paint! My class absolutely love it and messy play is always such a hit!


After thinking about the activities for the week ahead and knowing that our theme for this week is the circus, I decided to include a fun clown balloon painting activity for the toddlers.


Painting with balloons is a great activity for kids to explore their creativity and imagination and a perfect way to get creative outdoors. It also makes for a rewarding sensory activity as children use their hands to manipulate the paint and balloons to create patterns and prints onto paper.

What items will you need?

 5 balloons

Large sheet of paper

A clown image print out

Coloured paint

Trays or plates for the paint


We simply placed large sheets of paper at our art table, along with the trays of paint and balloons. We blew the balloons up to a small size that the toddlers could hold.

Place the green balloon in the green paint, red balloon into the red paint and so on. This part of the activity is not only great for working those little hands and their grip, but also for teaching your little ones about colours and matching the correct colour balloon with the matching paint.

It was time for us to now paint, get messy and let our creativity shine!

The children had an absolute ball with this activity and were so proud of their painting that they had done. Definitely one for the fridge!

Just a warning: Never leave your toddler alone with a balloon as balloon pieces can cause choking. If your balloon pops, make sure you pick up all the pieces and throw them in the bin.


Contributed by Des De Beer of Clamber Club Toddlers – Fairlands
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