I recently found a cool activity on Pinterest that involves bubble wrap. Don’t be fooled by how perfect everything looks on Pinterest – but this really was a great activity that my baby and I enjoyed. It’s a great way for your baby to experience the different textures of the bubble wrap, as well as the great sounds of popping and rustling plastic.

Here is how we made our bubble wrap mat:

  • Start out with your bubble wrap.
  • Spread it out on the floor – a carpeted area is better because it’s soft, and also easier to secure the bubble wrap to without leaving marks.
  • Make sure you use tape that’s very sticky – I’ve just used masking tape, but duct tape or brown tape will work just as well.
  • Cut your bubble wrap to size.
  • You can have the bubbles facing up or down – it’s up to you.
  • Once you’ve cut your bubble wrap to the size you want, secure it to the floor with your tape.
  • And then introduce your baby to the fun.

What Pinterest doesn’t tell you is that your baby will probably grab hold of the bubble wrap and lift it up off the floor.

This means that all your hard work to have the bubble wrap laid out neatly on the floor will be for nothing. But this doesn’t eliminate the fun and experience factor – your baby will still have lots of fun playing around with the different texture of the plastic, and the fun popping sounds.

Enjoy this special time with your little one and don’t forget, never leave your child alone with plastic.