Busy Farm is the new release from Campbell Books. It’s an 10 page board book which forms part of the Busy Book series with various themes. The one my son and I decided we would try is Busy Farm, published by Pan Macmillan.


This beautiful board book could not have come at a better time. My little toddler Josh was down and out with the flu this weekend and luckily his favourite things in the world are books. Josh loved pushing, pulling and turning all the little tabs to make the farmyard come to life. We played hide and seek with the two pigs and met all the farm animals. We even helped the farmer bale the hay and joined in rounding up the sheep at bedtime. What I loved about this book was the way in which a child can interact with the story and the illustrations are beautiful. It’s also short enough to keep their attention.


Busy farm can be used for all ages. Babies will love the pictures, and it’s a hard cover, so it will last. Toddlers will love the tabs and pointing out all the animals whilst imitating their noises, and older children can show off their reading skills by reading to mom and dad. I believe it will definitely have a home on your children’s bookshelf for a long time to come.


I highly recommend this book for busy toddlers that like to play with their books! Josh definitely loved it!  


Product Details

ISBN : 9781447257530

Illustrator : Rebecca Finn

Author : Rebecca Finn

Imprint : Campbell Books Ltd

Interest Age: From 1+


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