What a fantastic book for 2 year olds and upwards.

This book is interactive with exciting secretive flaps which all children love and this interaction reinforces the learning and memory process. These flaps are great for working on your toddler’s fine motor skills. The colours are bright and fun and even if the children don’t quite recognise their numbers, they will eventually, because the structure of the book on how it builds from the simple colours and shapes to counting and numbers gives the book a longer life span for your bookshelf.

My Jordyn (two and a half years old) just loved the book and wanted to read it over and over. Even the pages with number recognition that she didn’t fully understand were fun for her because of the flaps, pictures and bright colours.

I would recommend this book for your little ones as it’s bound to educate and entertain them for a good few years.

Happy discovering.


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Contributed by Candice Vogel of Clamber Club Sports Lonehill
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