Imagine trying a very simple exercise with your little one, where you could tackle various concepts such as colours, counting, numbers and fine motor all in one.

You can vary this exercise depending on your child’s age and capability, so it could range from 2 – 5 years old.

My 3 year old handled all these concepts very easily and quickly so I had to change it up to challenge her.

So be creative with your little one and use this as your guide. 

All you will need is:

  • Spoons
  • Stickers
  • Pegs

Start by labelling your spoons with numbers and stickers.

Your children can assist with placing the stickers onto the spoons too. This is a brilliant fine motor activity.

Activity 1:

Now get you children to place those spoons into number order, or if they are too young to recognise their numbers yet, get them to count and point to the stickers you have placed onto the spoons.

Activity 2:

It’s time to get your child to match the peg colour to the sticker colour.

If their little hands and fingers are strong enough, they can start squeezing the pegs open and placing them onto the spoons.

Here we are tackling colour matching, finger and hand strengthening, crossing the midline as well as counting.

Activity 3:

Should your little one need more of a challenge, you could mix up the sticker colour and the peg variety which will change the grip your child needs to use to squeeze the peg open.

It will also challenge their spatial planning because some pegs are thicker than others.

So again, here we are tackling colours, working on our fine motor skills, counting and numbers all in ONE exercise.

Happy crafting and playing

Contributed by Candice Vogel of Clamber Club Sports Lonehill
Cell: 079 185 2657