Over 30 years ago occupational therapist Liz Senior had a dream to create a sensory motor programme for children that promoted learning in a playful way. As an OT working with children with learning difficulties, Liz wanted to make a difference in the lives of children and their parents. She also wanted to empower women by creating a business structure that would allow moms the freedom to work from home and raise their children at the same time.

And so in 1990, Clamber Club was born!

So where did it all start?

“I started Clamber Club with a loan from my brother-in-law, while I was running gross motor classes for remedial schools. Parents saw what I was doing and asked if we could bring our equipment to their children’s parties, and the business slowly started to grow,” explains Liz.

When she had her own children a few years later, she started running classes in her lounge with friends and their children. Soon, through word of mouth, other moms asked to join the group. The business started growing and Liz decided she needed more space. She built a large classroom and developed the garden where Clamber Club Toddlers Dunkeld still operates today.

7 years into successfully running Clamber Club, Liz was approached with the first offer to franchise the business. “Our first franchisee was a mom who was passionate about childhood development. She approached me about starting her own Clamber Club and so we started our franchising journey,” she says.

Over the years Clamber Club has grown to 6 franchised programmes that cover Baby Classes, Toddler Classes, Sports programmes for Schools, Party entertainment, Party venues, Playschool and a range of Clamber Club products all featuring Jog the Frog our Clamber Club fitness mascot. 30 years after starting Clamber Club, the business has grown beautifully, and Clamber Club now operates throughout South Africa.

Our franchisees, teachers, coaches, entertainers and trainers are what make Clamber Club so special. The growth and development of Clamber Club is due to their amazing contributions to our programmes and services. It is truly inspiring to be a part of this team,” says Liz.

“We are fortunate enough to have loyal and passionate franchisees who are committed to delivering excellent services to their clients and to building their franchises and the brand as a whole,” says Clamber Club Marketing Manager, Kate Alberda.

“We look forward to many more years of creating magic and making a difference in the lives of children and their parents,” says Senior. “We could not have built such a wonderful brand without the incredible support from our clients, franchisees and partners, thank you all for helping us make Clamber Club such a success,” adds Senior.