During our creative play week at Clamber Club we incorporated a very cool idea which is easy enough for you to let your little ones experiment with at home. Not only does it encourage a child’s imagination to take shape, it also meets developmental needs and norms which toddlers are busy learning about from the world surrounding them. It encourages the use of their perceptual skills as they figure out how to create a stack/tower construction boxes.

This is what you need:

  • 1 cup self-raising flower
  • Water
  • Teaspoon
  • Small bowl
  • Empty cardboard boxes of all sizes such as tissue boxes, cereal boxes, toilet rolls etc.


Mix the flour and water together to make your home made glue. Spread the `glue’ onto the box and place it on top of another box. Keep adding boxes to build your `tower’. See how high you can build it.

Skills developed in this construction game:

  • Logical thinking and reasoning
  • Spatial awareness
  • Fine motor skills and eye hand coordination
  • Coordination of the 2 body sides
  • Basic mathematical concepts such as shape, size and weight

This is the type of fun we have at Clamber Club every week. Our little ones had an absolute blast! There are so many different creative play activities you can do with your children at home – for more ideas read – Creative Water Play in the Garden

Contributed by Clamber Club Toddlers Dunkeld
Email: dunkeld@clamberclub.com 
Website: www.clamberclub.com