Why not create a MEMORY JAR in your home……

What on earth is a memory jar?

Well in my home we made a DIY jar with lots of pretty colourful paper to capture special sayings/ words that each of my children say as they grow up.

There are so many cute and magical moments that these clever children of ours come up and we tend to forget them as they grow older and we get busier. This way we capture the memory quickly and once a year we pull all the colourful pieces of paper out of the jar and have a good giggle at each other.

As they get bigger, they begin to remind me to write the memories or phrases down and often write them down themselves. It’s also awesome that they can read the memories too as they grow wiser.

My children LOVE it and reminisce about how funny they were and how clever they thought they were. This is a good way to lighten up and teach them to laugh at themselves.

I’m sure you wonder why not keep these electronically? We could yes – but the joy of getting the children to each have a turn to read them out aloud is priceless. So that’s what works for us and it sure has created many magical moments as a family over the years.

Try it – Happy Memory Jarring.

Contributed by Candice Vogel of Clamber Club Sports Lonehill
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