This is a question that I, along with many parents have asked. Babies need to be stimulated in a way that is fun and engaging, but not over stimulating. Clamber Club’s Stimulate your Baby DVD range is the answer! This handy, easy to use visual guide will help any mom (new or experienced) with ways to stimulate your baby.

There are 3 DVD’s in this range for the different age groups:

  • 0-3 months
  • 3-6 months
  • 6-9 months

Each DVD is divided into 5 sections:

  • Seeing and looking
  • Hearing and talking
  • Touching and holding
  • Movement
  • Motor development

To further help you, each section is subdivided into “what baby is learning” and “activities for your baby.” So, if you are a first time mom like me, with no clue how to entertain your baby, this DVD is a must.

You are your baby’s best toy, so whilst making funny faces and copying your baby’s expression is fun, you can engage in simple eye movement exercises with a monochromatic toy. My daughter loves her square cow cube. The face on it keeps her entertained and engaged and it also has a bell inside, which gives it an element of surprise when I shake it.

It might sound strange having a conversation with a baby, as they don’t talk back, but they do respond by smiling, cooing, gurgling and with eye contact. Connecting and conversing with baby is a key step in your baby’s emotional and cognitive development. My favourite thing to do with my baby is early morning cuddles in bed and singing nursery rhymes, this is a definite win win all round.

Holding your baby gives him or her the security they need to thrive in the world and rocking, walking and spinning can help to stimulate and activate baby’s balance receptors. Whilst I was on maternity leave, I loved taking my newborn for walks all wrapped up against my chest in my Snuggleroo.


My baby turned 12 weeks and all of a sudden she “woke” up. Play time!

One of my (and her) favourite movement activities shown on the DVD was to create a box cart. This is such a simple activity that will keep your baby entertained and you fit. I take it in turns to pretend what mode of transport I am; a train, a car or a tug boat. Then we are off on our adventure around the house and garden.


My baby is not a fan of tummy time, I have tried everything. She will go from laughing and cooing sitting up to screaming as soon as I place her on her tummy. How do I do tummy time then? After watching this DVD, I turned tummy time into a fun game by placing my baby on a big ball and rocking her forwards and backwards on it – success! To prolong the activity I use her favourite toy which she tracks with her eyes.

Texture and touching teaches our baby’s different sensations and exposes them to the textured world around them. Having a bucket filled with different textures allows my baby to explore what is inside whilst I tell her what she is touching. She is still mastering her hand grasping, but everyday she gets better and better at feeling different textures. The ideas for this on the DVD are original and fun.

 Contributed by Kathy Cowell of Clamber Club
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