Did you know that your pre-schooler possesses an amazing talent for coordinating both sides of their body? This skill, known as bilateral integration, is crucial for their early development as it helps improve motor skills, coordination, and overall functionality. In this article, we’ll delve into the positive aspects of bilateral integration and identify signs that indicate your child’s development is progressing well.

Small children learning bilateral integration.

Key Signs to Look Out For:

  • Improved eye-hand coordination
    Witness your child effortlessly mastering tasks that require both hands, such as catching a ball, using utensils, or playing with small toys.
  • Enhanced fine motor skills
    Celebrate your child’s ability to handle everyday activities like buttoning clothes, tying shoelaces, or solving small puzzles confidently.
  • Seamless midline crossing
    Visualise an invisible line dividing the body into left and right halves. Notice how your child confidently crosses their hands or feet over this imaginary line to reach objects on the opposite side of their body.
  • Coordinated movements
    Observe your child’s graceful and synchronised movements when using both hands simultaneously. Whether it’s clapping, stacking blocks, or colouring with crayons, they exhibit coordination and precision.
  • Artistic expression
    Monitor your child’s handwriting and drawing skills. With a well-controlled grip, appropriate pressure, and confidently formed letters and shapes, they will showcase their blossoming bilateral integration.
  • Developing hand dominance
    Notice your child gradually favouring one hand over the other during tasks. This emerging hand dominance indicates their flourishing bilateral integration skill.

By understanding and nurturing bilateral integration from an early age, you unlock your child’s coordination skills and pave the way for incredible growth and development.

Young child reaching for a toy and mastering bilateral integration.

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