The development of balance happens in a place called the vestibular system. Think of this system as your child’s very own GPS, it keeps them balanced and in tune as they move, learn, and grow. It ensures that your kids can spin, swing, and slide without turning into dizzy little tornados.


Imagine your child on a swing, a trampoline, running along a balance beam, over a bridge, or making their way down the slide. All this movement develops their balance. And their ability to balance makes sure they experience the exhilarating rush without getting their tummies in a twist.

A healthy balance system is one of the most important senses that we have! Located in the inner ear, these teeny organs are nothing short of amazing and regulate everything to do with balance and movement, as well as gravitational security.  It gives us the confidence that we can maintain any position without falling over.

Our sense of balance allows us to move smoothly and efficiently, as it works alongside our other sensory systems, helping us use our eyes effectively and process sounds in our environment.

The balance system develops quietly behind the scenes, as your child moves and plays. As they grow, their fun results in better balance and coordinated movement and play.  So, the more they play, the more opportunity they get to develop their sense of balance.

Join a Clamber Club BABY or TODDLER stimulation class, sign them up for a SPORTS extra-murals at their school, or arrange an obstacle course PARTIES with friends and family to have fun, and develop their sense of balance.

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