Our Clamber Club Toddlers classes offer gross motor outdoor sessions for toddlers. This club is a great way to get children of one to five years moving, with a range of equipment on offer along with plenty of other fun for little ones. 

The toddler years are all about moving and exploring. Gross motor development plays an important role in healthy development, helping your child get stronger and nurturing essential skills that help your child as they grow. For parents, our gross motor outdoor sessions are a fun way to build these vital skills, while burning off plenty of steam in the process. Keep reading to find out more about these classes and why they are so important for your child’s health.

Why Book Gross Motor Outdoor Sessions?

Gross motor skills refer to the whole body movements and larger muscles your child needs for playing, walking, jumping, running, sitting, and various other physical activities. These skills are vital for stabilising your child’s core muscles. Gross motor includes eye-hand coordination that helps children learn how to throw, catch or kick balls and learn other activities such as riding a bike or swimming. They are also essential for everyday skills such as dressing, balance, getting in and out of bed, climbing into cars, carrying school bags, walking up steps and hills, and many other actions that require coordination, muscle tone, balance, and core. 

Development of gross motor skills will additionally help in the development of fine motor skills. When kids are able to sit upright, it is easier for them to sit still and write, cut or draw. When they have sufficient strength and core to get through the school day as they get older, they will have a more positive experience overall. 

Our gross motor outdoor sessions will help your toddler gain these vital skills in a way that is focused on play. Sessions run for an hour and 15 minutes. The sessions are started with our opening and warm-up songs. After that, toddlers can enjoy child-guided free play sessions, enjoying our equipment and getting some fresh air.

Gross Motor

We ensure the safety and well-being of our kids at all times. Only 12 children are allowed per session and all activities take place in our large garden area. Spaces are limited due to government requirements and social distancing regulations. 

View one of our classes in action to get a sneak peek of what you and your toddler can expect! For bookings and more information on our gross motor outdoor sessions, contact us or search for a Clamber Club Toddler Class in your area.