Clamber Club Ball with Elastic String

Many of you will be familiar with the bright yellow Clamber Club soft ball which is fantastic for little people to kick around and play with. Those clever clogs at Clamber Club have now introduced a new product, their soft yellow ball with an elasticized string and adjustable waist band.



The huge appeal of this ball is of course the elasticized string and my youngest daughter took to it immediately. Usually she would have to go running after the ball to retrieve it and she would always run the risk of losing her ball to her sister or one of the dogs, however because it has an elastic string, it came shooting right back to her. Once she got tired of kicking it she decided to take it for a ‘walk’ around the garden and she also liked throwing it up in the air (the string meant that it didn’t go rolling away when it came back down).


This ball is fantastic and my youngest daughter didn’t want to take it off. In fact if she could have eaten, bathed and slept with it on she would have. I loved how both the waist band and the string length are adjustable so you can make changes to suit children of different ages. It is great for hand-eye co-ordination, foot-eye co-ordination and imaginative play and another HUGE plus is that because of the string, your little ones can play with the ball indoors without you worrying about it careening through windows or into anything breakable.


Clamber Club Puzzle

Children love puzzles and they are very important for children when it comes to teaching them problem solving, improving fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination and building their self-esteem. To make puzzles even more fun for your children the team at Clamber Club has a wonderful Jog the Frog and friends themed puzzle box. The box comes with 2, 3, 4 and 6 piece puzzles as well as 3 2 piece di-cut frog puzzles so that there is always a puzzle to challenge your children. The images are bright, colourful and fun.


The Clamber Club puzzles really appealed to my little ones as they were both familiar with all of the Clamber Club characters. What I loved about the puzzles is that they are made of wood making them chunky and sturdy and easy to clip in place. My 2 year old daughter started off with the brightly coloured 2 piece puzzle, then moved on the 3 piece puzzle and with a little help from her older sister (who at 4 is already a wiz at puzzles) completed the 4 and 6 piece puzzles. She then proceeded to dismantle them all and start again. This kept her busy for ages, long enough for mom to drink a cup of coffee.


Melissa & Doug Magnetic Wand Colour Maze

The Melissa and Doug Magnetic Wand Color Maze promotes fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It is also great for teaching colour recognition, sorting and problem solving skills. Slide the attached magnetic wand across the clear cover to feed the correct coloured balls to the very hungry animals.


My eldest daughter loved this game and she spent ages figuring out how to sort out the different colours. The magnet is strong enough that the balls didn’t become detached when she was sorting the balls and so she didn’t become frustrated. Once she had managed to sort out all of the balls she then decided to see how many balls could fit into each animal’s tummy and so we were able to practice her counting too. I also loved how the balls are completely sealed within the toy and the magnetic wand is attached with string. This meant that the game could travel in the car with us without me worrying about any bits and pieces going missing. The strong magnet in the wand is also completely sealed meaning it is safe from accidental swallowing (yay, no trips to the emergency room). I would definitely recommend this toy.


Melissa & Doug Horse Carrier Wooden Vehicles Play Set

Load the two flocked horses into the trailer of this wooden big rig vehicle and you’re ready to hit the road! The horse carrier comes with a pull-down ramp so that the horses can be loaded and unloaded with ease. Great for fine motor, language and pretend play.



Being girls my two children were so excited to get their hands on this toy and spent ages loading and unloading the horses, driving the truck around out car play mat and making up little stories. As it turns out this toy is also great for special awareness development because your children can see what other items they can fit inside the horse carrier. It also became a Barbie carrier, a teddy bear carrier, a marie biscuit carrier (to feed the horses of course) and at one stage even a sock carrier! What a fun toy.