Quercetti Geokid Daisy Maxi
Daisy Maxi is a creative educational toy with colourful jumbo pegs that has been specifically designed to meet your child’s first developmental needs. Babies and toddlers will be fascinated by the stackable jumbo pegs with rounded edges made of durable and safe material. They are soft and easy to hold and can be inserted in the perforated flower-shaped board or piled up to create higher and higher towers in total safety. The different shapes and colours, together with the lovely rattle included, stimulate both visual and sound perception, hand-eye coordination while developing creativity and concentration.

Quercetti Qubo First Blocks
Qubò is a building blocks game intended younger children. It is made up of large plates and pegs. These can be fitted one on top of the other or stacked up like columns or in any other shape that tickles your fancy. Thanks to its attractive design, to the rounded shapes and to the soft and light materials used, you play safely and build incredibly high towers in perfect balance! The different shapes as well as the primary and secondary colours used in the blocks and pegs stimulate visual perception, hand-eye coordination and efficiently develop manual dexterity.



I gave these two toys to my children to play with together as the pegs could be used with both the block and the flower-shaped board and they were delighted about it. My 4 year old gravitated towards the large plates from the First Blocks set and set about making the different shapes that were illustrated on the box. Some of these were a house, a cube and a large tower. Lucky for me (yay no fighting) my 2 year old immediately grabbed the flower-shaped board and had a great time pushing all the pegs into the holes, pulling them out and then starting again. This kept her busy for ages!

Both of these toys are predominantly intended for younger children (the box says 1+) and they definitely kept my 2 year old interested a lot longer than my older daughter (who moved onto her dolls) however I did enjoy watching my elder daughter doing things like matching the peg colours to the different board colours and seeing how tall a tower she could make (it was knocked down before I could take a picture).

The manufacturer boasts that the plastic is virtually indestructible and I must say I was very impressed as all the components were knocked over, trod on, flung across the room and combined with various other toys we have without so much as a scratch. They are made in Italy and these Italians clearly know what they are doing.

Wooden Animal Nesting Blocks – Melissa and Doug
Explore the animal kingdom with these exciting wooden nesting blocks. From a tiny sea horse to a great big elephant, discover charming animals from four animal habitats. Stacked, they are almost three feet (90cm) tall.



You can seldom go wrong when it comes to Melissa and Doug toys and this one doesn’t disappoint. Unlike a lot of nesting block sets this one has a large number of blocks that stack into a huge tower, a very awesome thing for a little person. The blocks all have beautiful animal images that are painted on as opposed to being stuck on so they won’t come off. Along with building towers, we also used the blocks to practice our animal names and sounds and we used the bottoms of the blocks to practice our colours.