Seaside Sidekicks Sand Baking Set (3+ years)
Make fabulous mudpies and sandcakes with this sea-creature inspired “baking” set. Young chefs will love using the shell-shaped measuring cups, octopus whisk and crab mixing spoon to “cook” up some great beach treats. The turtle lid on the mixing bowl doubles as a sifter!



Although initially you might think this toy is limited to the beach, think again. Up in Johannesburg we are limited to sand from the garden and the sand pit but that was no problem for my little ones. They got stuck right in with the measuring cups, mixing spoon and bucket making sand cakes, pudding and, apparently, roast chicken. They all then got a sprinkle of sand with the sand sifter. This is such a fun set for summer and it extends baking time from the kitchen to the outdoors (whether you are at the beach or not).

Pound-a-Peg Classic Toy (2+ years)

Pound the eight colourful wooden pegs into the wooden frame, then flip it over to repeat the activity again and again! Included are a wooden hammer and four pairs of pegs–great for colour matching.


I tell you what, there are some days where I could do with a toy like this! Pounding pegs into the wooden frame seems very therapeutic and a good way to get out your frustration. My daughter seemed to find this toy appealing too. Whether it was the bashing action itself, the sound of the hammer hitting the pegs or a combination of the two, it had her fascinated. Then again it could be the fact that she was allowed to bash things with a hammer without her mom shouting at her!

Happy Giddy Tunnel (3+ years)

Active kids will enjoy crawling through a rainbow of colour in this bright tunnel. Made of durable materials, it sets up quickly and folds easily for convenient storage.



Out of all the November toys that I gave to my little ones to play with, this one came out tops! The squeals of joy were a treasure to listen to and I loved watching the girls move in and out of the tunnel. At one stage they decided to roll along the floor inside the giant caterpillar, bashing into furniture along the way. My eldest daughter even stood up, placed it over her head and declared that it was a changing room (who would have thought). There are so many hours of play in this toy that if you were only going to buy one toy this month, I would recommend this one.