Melissa and Doug Farm Touch and Feel Puzzle
18+ Months

Feel the wooly lamb and the feathery duck…just two of the exciting textures to explore on these animal-shaped puzzle pieces! The four wooden pieces of this colourful puzzle will help stimulate sensory discrimination and hand/eye development.



It never ceases to amaze me how children are drawn to animals and mine are definitely no exception. When my two year old spotted this puzzle she made a beeline towards it and settled down on the carpet with it in front of her for what seemed like hours (I am sure anything longer that 5 minutes in toddler time is hours). She loved making all of the animal sounds and it was fantastic to also get her to identify the different textures. It is nice to come across a puzzle that has more aspects to it than simply fitting in the shapes.

Melissa and Doug Sound Blocks
2+ Years

Vehicles Sound Blocks
Hear the sounds of six favourite vehicles when the two wooden cubes are properly placed in the wooden tray! Fire engine and steam train are among the featured vehicles in this match and listen activity. The realistic sounds act as lively encouragement when children put together the halves that match.

Farm Sound Blocks
Animals “sound off” when the two wooden cubes are properly placed in the wooden tray! Find the halves that match and listen to six realistic farm animal sounds. Develops visual perception and fine motor skills.



What a fun idea these blocks are. At first I thought that the blocks were broken because they didn’t make a sound in the tray however then my daughter made a match and voilà, it worked (try reading the instructions mom).

What is really wonderful about these two blocks sets is that because your children are rewarded with a sound when they make a match, they don’t just quickly chuck in the blocks in just any combination. They have to really concentrate and think about the details that make two blocks go together. It took a couple of tries at first however once my daughter got the hang of it there was no stopping her.

Clamber Club Chunky Books

The range of Clamber Club chunky board books are ideal for toddlers. The thick, sturdy pages make it easy for your children to turn the pages and their smallish size mean that the books can be handled without them being dropped (what feels like) a million times.


I love how the bright colours and realistic photos make learning fun concepts like emotions, shapes, opposites and colours easy and exciting. Each book in the range also features Jog the Frog alongside photos of actual objects and people, which seems to be a real hit with my youngest daughter.


Practicing our emotions.

Another thing that I am a big fan of is how the books encourage my little one to continue learning beyond the books. For example, when we read the colour book, my daughter races around the house finding more objects in the colours that she has just learnt. And, when we read the emotions book she loves pulling faces to mimic those of the children in the book. This often leads to a game of silly faces in the mirror involving both of us (good thing there aren’t any hidden cameras to capture some of the faces I have had to pull).

There are four books available in the range: Shapes, Emotions, Colours and Opposites and are available directly from your nearest Clamber Club franchise, Baby City or from our Clamber Club online shop. Your children are going to have so much fun with these you might as well buy the whole set.