Written by Sean Callery

If ever I tell my almost 3 year old son to go and grab a book to read, he chooses Hide and seek in the Jungle. He loves this book.

The things that are fantastic about the book are namely, the hard pages, the bold colours, beautiful illustrations and of course the element of surprise with having to lift the flaps in the book to reveal the animal on the page.

Benn loves the fact that the flaps don’t necessarily all turn up in the same way but that he has to figure out which way to open them to reveal the animal on the page. He enjoys the simple facts on each page and I can often hear him paging through the book, repeating the facts to himself. There isn’t too much text on the pages and this also keeps him interested.

I would recommend this book at anyone who has a toddler that cant be trusted with a soft paged book ? Simple, fun and interesting.

Contributed by Shelby Parnell of Clamber Club Babies – Randpark Ridge
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