What is more fun than making music together as a family? Making the instruments!

You can make so many instruments just by walking through the house and gathering items which make potentially good musical sounds or could make a possible instrument. I gathered a few things that I found in my kitchen, pantry and hobby room.

You will also need the following:

  • Glue
  • Sticky tape
  • A pair of scissors
  • Prestik

Let’s start by making a bread pan guitar!

This one is quite simple to make but also helps your toddler learn that certain objects can stretch and be placed over another object. Simply pull all the elastic bands over the bread pan. For different ‘notes’ intertwine two or more elastic bands together.


I found the following items in the house:

With these items I was able to make three different shakers. You can put anything inside the shakers to make a noise, e.g. popcorn, stones, rice, etc.  I used sunflower seeds and also taught my son about how a bird cracks open the shell with its beak to get to the nutritious seed on the inside (all in a day’s work as a mom!).

For the first shaker you will need two spoons any round object in which you can place the seeds, seeds and sticky tape. I used jellybean eggs to place the seeds in. First place the seeds in the open egg and then close it neatly with the sticky tape.  Then place two spoons over the egg and tie them together with sticky tape.  You can also tie together the bottom of the spoon for a better grip.

The next two shakers are very easy to make. Simply place the seeds inside the open eggs and tin and secure the lids with sticky tape. The tin shaker can also be used as a drum!

Straw flute!

A straw flute is an amazing instrument to teach your toddler about sounds and music!

Cut the straws in different lengths and either glue them together or use sticky tape. If your child knows how to use a pair of scissors, let him cut the straws in different lengths. Alternatively moms and dads you can cut the straws.

Tap shoes!

This was my toddler’s favourite instrument! Just be careful that he does not slip on the floor!

You will need a pair of shoes, some coins and Prestik.

Stick the coins to the bottom of the shoes and you have your own tap shoes!

If your toddler has the patience, let him decorate the instruments.

Your toddler will benefit by this activity by learning about different sounds and music, co-ordinating more than one instrument at a time, and learning that any items around the house has the potential to be an instrument.