We’ve been on an amazing journey exploring the world of proprioception – the sense that guides our kids’ movements and coordination. But wait, what’s next for your little one’s development? In this blog we’re diving into some super fun stuff that will take their proprioception skills to new heights. Get ready to watch your child soar and embrace the magic of this incredible sense!

Before we start, a quick reminder:  Think of proprioception as your child’s internal GPS. It’s what helps them move around and coordinate their actions – just like a real-life superhero power. Here are some fantastic activities to try: 

Transform your home into exciting adventure zones! Scatter pillows, cushions, and obstacles around to challenge your child’s crawling, climbing, and balancing skills.

Time for some cool gear! Get a balance board or a wobble cushion. These awesome tools provide a wobbly challenge that boosts core strength and gives a big proprioception boost.

Who’s up for some fun games? Play classics like Simon Says or Twister. These games will have your child twisting, turning, and laughing while they work on their proprioceptive skills. 

Nature is calling! Go on outdoor adventures like hiking or climbing rocks. The great outdoors presents fresh challenges that give your child’s proprioception a good workout.


  1. Milestone Moments: Cheers to achievements, big and small! Whether your child masters a tricky climb or balances on one foot, celebrate their victories. Positive vibes boost their confidence and motivation. 
  1. Patience is Key: When they are taking on new challenges, be their cheerleader! Patience and support go a long way. Encourage them to take risks and see mistakes as awesome chances to learn. 
  1. Self-Correction Rocks: Let your child figure things out on their own during playtime. This builds their problem-solving skills and helps them become more independent. 
  1. The Magic of Play: Remember, play is the best teacher. Let your child’s imagination run wild as they explore proprioceptive movements in their own unique way. 

Every new adventure brings out their inner confidence and helps them level up their proprioception skills. So, let’s give them a big round of applause as they embrace thrilling new challenges and reach for even greater heights!  Go, kiddos, go!