“”I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside, give them a sense of pride…”

…inspired by these beautiful lyrics of Whitney Houston’s song The Greatest Love of All, we are excited to explore seven practical steps you can take to raise a child who will make a real difference in the world. Seven steps to help your child feel happy and able and achieve success in life.

Step #1: Unconditional Love

  • Express love by appreciating your child’s unique qualities.
  • Emphasize your love regardless of achievements, identity, or mistakes.

Step #2: Notice Achievement

  • Focus on the positive, acknowledging efforts and perseverance.
  • Avoid generic praise; describe at least 10 positive actions daily i.e. instead of saying “good job”‘, rather say “I’m proud of how neatly you put away your toys” and more like that.

Step #3: Set Consistent Boundaries

  • Establish family rules promoting desired behaviour.
  • Create routines for morning, homework, and bedtime, enhancing consistency.

Step #4: Teach Social Skills

  • Spend quality time helping your child develop social skills.
  • Address friendship issues through active listening and role-playing.

Step #5: Encourage Self-Reliance

  • Foster independence by letting children do age-appropriate tasks.
  • Involve them in household activities, promoting a sense of contribution.

Step #6: Encourage Contribution

  • Boost happiness by involving children in charitable activities.
  • Cultivate kindness and generosity through various actions.

Step #7: Empower Your Child

  • Encourage goal-setting and a “can do” mindset.
  • Support perseverance and self-discovery, fostering mental strength.
 It’s important to show you trust that your child is capable of great things, even when they don’t believe that themselves.

Adapted for www.clamberclub.com from an article by Elizabeth O’Shea (parenting specialist  & child behaviour expert) based in U.K. https://www.parent4success.com/


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