When I had my first child, I will admit I was an overachieving mom. I made sure my son did tummy time for at least an hour a day, he only got fresh homemade solids at 6 months and I even sent him to do Kumon Math’s from 2 years old.

Well now I’m a mom of 3 and my time is now spent juggling to simply keep track of the whereabouts of my kids. Saying this, my first child knew how to tie his shoelaces at 5 and I felt I had achieved my mom job of teaching my kids how to tie their laces. But hey for some reason my now 8 year old never got around to teaching my 6 year old. So when we got the homework sheet for Brody stating this week they need to practice how to tie their shoelaces, panic set in.

With limited free time (sports, homework, meals, swimming etc) I needed to find a quick fix way to teach him how to tie his shoelaces. Thank goodness for trusty google I came across a “How to teach your child to tie their laces in 10 minutes” technique, and in desperation we tried it and WOW it worked, 10 minutes later Brody was tying his laces. And it seemed a lot easier than the bunny ear technique. Brody does now know how to do bunny ear technique and I believe watching this video and learning this specific technique lead him to learn the bunny ear technique by himself.

So, I’m sharing this magic technique for all those busy bee moms that don’t have time on your side.

  1. Tie laces into a knot.
  2. Hold the “tails” on each side with your 3 fingers leaving peter pointer and tommy thumb out and “pointing” up.
  3. With your right hand put your thumb over the top of the lace and pull it down and around. With the left hand put your index finger down & around.
  1. Take your index finger from your right hand and put it into the lace loop on the left hand at the same time the left thumb will hook the loop on the right hand.
  2. Now with this thumb and index finger pull these loops while letting go of the tails.
  3. And your laces are tied!

Here is an easy to follow tutorial on how to tie your shoe laces:


Contributed by Leigh-Anne McHugh of Clamber Club Sports Bryanston

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