Jamie Oliver has long been a household name for me, introduced by my mum and sister. Having a Portuguese and English heritage made every night a culinary adventure in my family and when it was time for me eventually to leave the nest, Jamie Olivier was my saving grace.  Jamie Oliver is my go to cookbook and I would like to think that his cooking has shaped and refined my culinary skills, not only with the delicious recipes that I am able to recreate, but because I am able to prep, cook and serve a healthy meal within an hour of getting home from work; and for me, and the majority for working households, this is the true masterpiece and accomplishment. I was lucky enough to have been given the latest Jamie Oliver – Everyday Super Food cookbook from my sister, who is, apart from my mum, my culinary hero.


Jamie Oliver is a parent himself and understands that healthy eating with the modern lifestyle that we present, is a juggling act in itself (this is a topic on its own). The recipes and ingredients are relevant to the busy, working household, which is the true testament in his cookbook Jamie Oliver – Everyday Super Food. The book is divided into breakfast, lunch and dinner and each chapter is illustrated and detailed with countless recipes, ranging from easy to the more complex, making this cookbook accessible to anyone’s culinary skills, from beginner to masterchef.




Some of my favourite recipes include smoothie pancakes with berries, banana, yogurt and nuts; tasty fish tacos with game-changing kiwi, lime and chilli salsa and chicken and squash cacciatore with mushrooms, tomatoes, olives and bread. Now that I have you salivating, this cookbook is a must for any household and will allow you to discover a world of recipes and ingredients, in the works of Jamie Oliver, “for a healthier happier you.”


Jamie Oliver – Everyday Super Food

Author – Jamie Oliver

Publisher – HarperCollins