During the holidays we took our 2-year-old son to uShaka Marine world for the first time and it was well worth it! The day gave my son a chance to get out the house, have a good walk around while learning about all the fish in the ocean. The aquarium was great and full of fun interesting facts about the sea life. The Dolphins where amazing and there was a great atmosphere. The show was very busy, but well organised. My son had a blast seeing all the sea creatures, eating yummy ice-cream, sharing mommy’s chippies and of course he loved sharing his day with Jog the Frog.

We started off by visiting the aquarium, what an amazing experience, especially for my son who kept pointing at every tank and smiling and looking on in astonishment. He seemed to love the sharks and climbing into a turtle shell. From the moray eel to little seahorses we were in awe of all the colourful fish they had, and he was engaged from start to finish.

My favourite animal has always been dolphins, ever since I was small, and my son and I got to share the same love for dolphins where we could both watch laugh and be amazed by the dolphin show they had there. It was a special bonding time for us. The dolphin show was energetic, and my son really loved watching the dolphins, but got very concerned when the ball that the dolphins were playing with shot up high in the air and disappeared into the bushes. He kept saying “mamma ball, mamma ball” but then was happy again when the show carried on and the dolphins came out again and jumped out of the water doing tricks.

We tried to go onto some of the slides and rides, however my little guy was not interested. He did, however, go for a little “swim” with his daddy in one of the pools. We then decided to go have some lunch cos by that time Mr and Jog were ready for lunch! He was happy and content after all that excitement and he got to munch on an ice cream and stole some of mommy chips he was on cloud nine. Ushaka is right on the beach which provided us with a opportunity to have a slow stroll after lunch before heading back home. After being so engaged and learning so much we had a very quiet trip home as my little guy slept with Jog by his side all the way home.

What a great learning experience and active day out for our family!

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