Learning our colours is a right of passage and something we all teach our children from a young age. Toddlers learn their colours best when learning through association. The green apple, the red fire engine, the blue sky and the green grass for example. We can use our  environment to teach our children about the wonderful world of colour. What colours are you wearing for the day? Yellow socks, a green hat, blue jeans and red shoes! The many colours in our food, colours in the park, flowers, cars, are all ways in which we can bring colour to our children’s attention. Colours can also have meaning. When we are feeling blue, it means that we are feeling sad. We can be green with envy, red with rage, regal in purple or when someone is `off colour’ it means they are feeling ill.

Colours are also used as a call to action, such as obeying a traffic light. When it’s red we have to stop, and when it’s green we can go.


Have some colour matching fun with the `traffic light’ matching game below!