Play is a simple joy that is a cherished part of childhood
Happy times never end when we’re playing and pretending!

Benefits of Play

Never underestimate the value of play. Children learn and develop:

  • Cognitive skills
  • Language skills
  • Literacy skills
  • Physical abilities
  • Social skills
  • Emotional skills

Play is an essential part of every child’s life and is vital for the enjoyment of childhood as well as social, emotional, intellectual and physical development.

  • Play keeps children physically active
  • Play gives children freedom to choose what they want to do
  • Play increases self -awareness
  • Play increases self- esteem
  • Play allows them to increase their confidence through developing new skills
  • Play promotes their imagination and creativity
  • Play offers opportunities for children of all abilities and backgrounds to play together
  • Play provides opportunities to learn about their environment and community
  • Play stimulates language development
  • Play helps to problem solve
  • Play enhances emotional well being
  • Play teaches about gravity
  • Plain increases body awareness
  • Play improves coordination of the body
  • Play develops focus
  • Play triggers imagination
  • Play helps children grow strong and healthy
  • Play provides an outlet for anxiety and stress
  • Play creates a space for learning
  • Play can prevent obesity through its active nature
  • Play provides rich learning opportunities
  • Play helps to build self -worth by giving a child a sense of his or her own abilities and to feel good about themselves.
  • Play allows children to create and explore a world they can master conquering their fears while practicing adult roles

Why is it important for parents to play with their children?

Time spent playing with children is never wasted – Dawn Iantero

Play offers an ideal opportunity for parents to engage fully with their children.

Happy playful moments are some of the most precious gifts we can give our children, which they will forever remember and keep in their hearts and minds.

Anyone who spends any amount of time with young children understands that providing them with opportunities for play provides so much more than a few minutes or hours of fun.

In the times we live in, free time for parents and children has sadly been reduced, many children feel neglected and unloved by their parents as they don’t get to spend time with their parents in a fun and loving way where they are able to express themselves.

When parents join in their children’s play, they are given an opportunity to see the world through their child’s eyes.

Reading is a good way to spend time with your child. Read them a story, look at all the pictures and chat about what they see.

Encourage them to help you in the kitchen if you don’t have time to put aside for special play. I know it can be quite a messy experience but one they will enjoy!  Chat about what you are making for dinner, where you buy the vegetables, why they good for us, talk about what you are doing and teach them at the same time.

Providing children with a range of playthings will help them learn in a number of ways

  • Sand and water play can be an early introduction to science and maths, learning that water is fluid not solid and that it can be measure in different sized containers.
  • Playing with dough or clay drawing and painting pictures, dressing up and playing with dolls can encourage creativity, imagination, and expression of feelings.
  • Building blocks, jig saw puzzle, shape sorters can help with recognising different shapes and sizes, putting things in order and developing logic.
  • Playing balls games, dancing, running, and climbing all help to develop body movement, strength, flexibility, and co- ordination skills.
  • Singing, playing simple music instruments help to develop rhythm.

Outdoor play helps them to learn lots about the ever-changing environment and gives them the opportunity to use their whole body and develop their gross motor skills. It can meet their multi-sensory needs and can give them a love for the outdoors

“Children need the freedom and time to play.
Play is not a luxury; play is a necessity!

Owner & Franchisee
Clamber Club Parties and Sports – Centurion