The more you celebrate your life,
the more there is in life to celebrate!

What an inspirational quote by Oprah Winfrey, but have you ever stopped to think about why we celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays? It’s not “just” a festive thing to do, it’s a way to stop, cherish and reaffirm the things we value in our lives.

We show how much we care about our families when we celebrate their birthdays; we underline how important our relationships are when we celebrate anniversaries; but most of all we demonstrate to those around us, especially our kids, where our core values lie.

Jump for Joy!

But, most importantly celebrations spark joy. And joy facilitates learning. Win. Win.

Celebrations include sweet pleasures like food, music, games, and fun, helping us hardcode an association with pleasure and joy and whatever we are celebrating.

It’s healthy to allow your child to be the centre of attention!  At this stage of their development, children are learning how to express their feelings and birthday parties offer them the perfect chance to do this.

Spending time with friends is the best fun!

Birthday parties allow kids to feel connected to their community, to strengthen relationships with friends and family members.  It is especially important to remind children that they have a network that cares for them.

But celebrations need not only be reserved for major holidays, especially outdoor celebrations.  The greatest lessons in life are learned through what is repeatedly emphasised in our lives.

Plus, we know that when nature and play are involved, our children engage all the more in the rituals and celebrations. Win. Win.

A collection of celebrations builds the habit to celebrate and in turn hard codes virtues and values that help our children develop the way they see and experience their worlds. When we celebrate and we do so regularly, children develop a deeply ingrained sense of gratitude.

There is a substantial amount of research that supports the many benefits of incorporating a gratitude practice into a child’s life, as well as into our own lives.  When we allow ourselves to even celebrate the little things – it doesn’t always have to be a big bash – but if we teach our kids to also take joy in the little things, like the flowers coming into bloom, the sun shining on our gardens, or even the first autumn leaves falling, we are essentially expressing how grateful we are for the wonders found in nature and in their world.  And we’re passing that gratitude practice on to our children.

Clamber Club: The best party ever!

And that’s exactly why our Clamber Club parties are so wonderful, especially since most of them are enjoyed outdoors. Teach your children how to get into celebrating the things you love and the things for which you are most grateful.

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