Louis the Lion

Louis the Lion is a little toddler friendly book that has hard pages. My 2,5-year-old son (Benn) absolutely enjoyed reading this book. A lovely aspect to it is the fact that my 6-year-old daughter (Bailey) could read it to him. With simple sentences on each page, they could have a bonding session over the book. Bailey asked Benn to point out the different shapes and animals and the colours kept him intrigued. I would recommend this book to any family with a toddler learning their shapes and colours.

Early Learning – Colours Sticker Book

The Colours sticker book is a bright and colourful activity book to do with your children. It has clear pictures of all baby’s first words and this made it fun for Benn to look at and point out pictures. I must admit that Bailey (6 years old) couldn’t put it down, she absolutely LOVED the stickers and colours as well as finding where each sticker belonged. As she went through the book, I asked questions on every page and bought in little counting activities. I asked her… ‘how many things can you eat on this page?’, ‘How many things can you find in your playroom on this page?’. This just extended the sticker activities and kept her busy with the book a little longer. She enjoyed peeling the stickers and made sure that when she stuck them down in the book, she stuck them straight and pressed all 4 corners down, this was very good for her fine motor muscles… especially when she has slightly weaker muscles in her hands. I would recommend this book to any family with a little one that loves sticker book… lovely, educational, bright and attractive to the eyes.

Contributed by Shelby Parnell of Clamber Club Babies – Randpark Ridge
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