Make and do Science

When reading through the book Make and do Science, the one thing that stands out to myself, as well as my 6-year-old daughter, is the fact that it is very eye catching. The bright colours and big pictures make the experiments very attractive and really easy to do.


I love the fact that it stands up on a fold out easel as you can refer to the steps with ease even when your hands are full. We did two experiments (Balloon blow up and Vinegar volcano) and both experiments worked SO well. There is nothing worse than trying an experiment with an eager child and they don’t work. It is a great book for introducing children to science. The items required for all the experiments, were things that I had lying around my home and so it was easy to do without the effort of having to go to the shops.


I would recommend this book to any parent with a little one that has an inquisitive mind and enjoys learning about science and the world around them.


Perfect pets

If there is one thing that my son enjoys and it’s a bed time story, but finding the right book, with the right amount of text, colour, and pictures can at times be tricky.  This little hard covered book, Perfect Pets, was lovely for my son (21 months old). The pictures and the different textures were very exciting for him. He could make the sound of every pet in the book and the bonus of being able to feel the textures on each page, had him interested the whole time.


This book is great because there is not too much text on each page and that the text rhymes. My husband enjoys reading books to the children that rhyme and so he also had the pleasure of reading the book to our son. Every double spread page is a different colour and so you can extend each page by bringing in colours as well as animals body parts.


It is a lovely book and very age appropriate.


Contributed by Shelby Parnell of Clamber Club Babies – Randpark Ridge
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