You don’t need an extravagant vacation to make a lifetime of memories with your children.

When my son was two years old we went on a family holiday to Portugal, he was very excited about going on a plane. He enjoyed the flight and thought this was all very exciting but the carrying of luggage bags, staying at various homes of family and friends, not having our own bed to sleep in and not having our family routine was too overwhelming for him. He soon felt insecure and was not as excited about being on holiday.

Two years later we immigrated to Portugal where our daughter was born, we made it a priority to do something exciting with them outdoors. We would make sure that every weekend and one day during the week after work we would have a family outing.

  • In summer we would go to the beach and even in winter we would walk along the beach
  • Picnic in the park
  • Picnic by the lake on the mountain
  • Visit museums and castles
  • Go to various play parks where they could ride their bikes and climb on the jungle gyms

One day I decided to camp in my living-room, the children brought their sleeping bags and their toys and my wife and I slept on the floor while they slept in between us and I must say that they were so excited. Although it was not comfortable it was worth seeing them so excited.

This is a moment that I will always treasure with my children. This made me realise that you don’t have to always go out of your home to have a family adventure. Children treasure having quality time with their parents and these are memories that they will always treasure.

A few suggestions:

  • Have a camp out in your garden
  • Board games evening
  • Play hide and seek
  • Picnic in the garden
  • Movie and pyjama day
  • Gardening day (plant vegtables and let them see it grow)
  • Family baking day
  • Go for a adventure hike
  • Visit a nature reserve

HOME is a special place for children and gives them a sense of belonging and security

Contributed by Jose De Sousa of Clamber Club Sports – Lynnwood
Cell: 063 682 2520