Matilda by Roald Dahl

You might think that it is a bit funny that I am reviewing a children’s book instead of an adult book this month, however, please bear with me. We are moving soon and the chaos of school holidays, the festive season and packing up house has left me with very little time to read. It was actually while packing up my books that I came across Matilda and, with back to school round the corner, thought that it might be a fun book for me to re-read some 20 odd years since I last picked it up.

The book is about an intellectually superior girl, Matilda, who befriends her teacher at school. Mrs Honey takes a keen interest in Matilda and tries to do everything she can to nurture Matilda’s abilities. She is, however, hindered by a hostile headmistress names Mrs Trunchbull as well as Matilda’s very apathetic parents. It is a heart-warming story about how Matilda uses her intelligence and the power of her mind to against Mrs Trunchbull to help out her new teacher and advance her education.

It is amazing how different a book can be with perspective. Reading this book as a parent so many years later was such a different experience and, although nothing like Matilda’s parents or the dreaded Mrs Trunchbull, it has reminded me to nurture my children’s intelligence and interests and to always help them grow and excel.

Although completely co-incidental, I think it was fitting that I came across this book at the beginning of the school year and if you are short of time and looking for a well written, feel good book then this one is definitely worth a try. The best part is, you can hang onto it and pass it on to your children when they are a little older (or even read it to them).

Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: Puffin (7 Feb. 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0141346345
ISBN-13: 978-0141346342
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Schoolies by Priddy Books

schoolies-01As many parents will be experiencing first hand, preparing your children for school can be daunting. In preparation for my own children’s new school year I bought two books from the Little Schoolies series.

The first one, ‘My First Day of School’ is all about how Spencer is starting school for the first time. It addresses issues like making friends, school lessons and a different environment and your little one is bound to relate to what Spencer is experiencing on his first day. The best part is that it has a happy ending, which is bound to make your little one feel a bit better.

The second book ‘Making Friends’ is all about Lydia Ladybug and how she is too shy to make friends during friendship week at school. The book shows us how you can make friends and be friendly just by being yourself and schoolies-02being kind to others. I found this book particularly helpful as my eldest daughter has often expressed doubt at being able to make friends because she is shy.

The books are based on the characters created by Ellen Crimi-Trent and are beautifully illustrated and fun to read, definitely a back to school winner.

Schoolies: Making Friends
6.390in x 7.820in x 0.180in
Trade Paperback
28 Pages

Schoolies: My First Day of School
6.830in x 7.970in x 0.195in
Trade Paperback
28 Pages

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