“Developmental milestones are a set of functional skills that most children are able to do at a certain age. They act as guidelines in a child’s development, and they give us an idea of what the average child is able to do at a particular age.  YES, they are important, but we need to remember that every child develops at his own pace, with some being able to do more of one thing and others being better at another in certain stages of their development.” Says Lauren Mayer, paediatric physiotherapist and Clamber Club franchisee.

 Generally developmental milestones cover the following areas:

  • Physical or Motor milestones
  • Cognitive or Intellectual milestones
  • Social and Emotional milestones
  • Communication and language milestones

Take a look at our Motor milestone chart below to see the areas covered in this important part of development.

Contributed by Lauren Mayer of Clamber Club Toddlers – Atlantic Seaboard
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